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USA. Canada F115Y FL115Y 

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Wave Runner. FX High Output. FX Cruiser High Output

2012 Yamaha Waverunner Service Manual Wave Runner Download

FX HO FB1800 (F2T) FX Cruiser HO FB1800A (F2T)

FX SHO FA1800 (F2S) FX Cruiser SHO FA1800A (F2S)

Yamaha 212SS/ 212X Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha 242 Limited/ Limited S Owner's Manual [en] Download

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Yamaha outboard motors: service repair manuals PDF

Yamaha 100A/ 115B/ 115C/ 115F/ 115X/ 130B/ 130X140B, B115X, C115X, E115A, L130B/ 130X, S115X/ 130X Service Manual [en].pdf Download

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Yamaha 20C Service Manual [en].PDF Download

Yamaha 20C/ 25B/ 25N/ 25X/ 30D/ 30H/ 40V/ 40X/ 50H/ 55B, E25B/ 40X/ 48C/ 55C Owner's Manual [ru].rar Download

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Yamaha 25/ 25A/ 25B/ 25C/ 25D/ 25X/ 25Z/ 30A/ 30B/ 30X/ 30Z/ 40/ 40A/ 40B/ 40C/ 40X/ 40Y/ 50/ 50A/ 50B/ 50C/ 50Y, E40X Owner's Manual [en] Download

Yamaha 250B/ L250B Service Manual [en].pdf Download

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Yamaha 25BMH/ 30HMH Service Manual [en, fr, de, es].pdf Download

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Yamaha 40V/ 40W/ 50H/ 50W Service Manual [en].PDF Download

Yamaha 40X/ E40X Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha 50G Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha 60/ 60A/ 60B/ 60C/ 60D/ 70/ 70A/ 70B/ 70C/ 70D/ 90A/ 90B/ 90C Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha 60F/ 70B/ 75C/ 90A Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha 60F/ 85A/ 90A, E60H/ 75B Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha 9.9/ 9.9A/ 9.9B/ 9.9C/ 9.9D/ 9.9F/ 15/ 15A/ 15B/ 158C/ 15D/ 15F Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha 9.9F/ 13.5A/ 15F/ 20C Owner's Manual [ru].rar Download

Yamaha 9.9V/ 15V Service Manual [en].PDF Download

Yamaha C115X Owner's Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha C150X Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha C40A/ 50A Owner's Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha C60X/ 75X/ 90X Owner's Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha E40G/ J Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha E60H Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha E60HMHD/ HWHD/ HWD/ EH/ MH Service Manual [en].PDF Download

Yamaha E8D Owner's Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha EK25B/ 40J Owner's Manual [ru].pdf Download

Yamaha EK25BMH Service Manual [en].PDF Download

Yamaha EK40G/ J Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha F100B/ 100C Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F100C/ 115A Owner's Manual [ru].pdf Download

Yamaha F100D Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha F115 Service Repair Manual.pdf Download

Yamaha F115/ 115A/ 115B/ 115C/ 115D, F115/ 115A/ 115B/ 115C/ 115D Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F115A/ 115Y, FL115A, LF115Y Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F150/ 150C/ 150D/ 200/ 200F1/ 200B/ 200C/ 200D/ 225/ 225A/ 225B/ 225C/ 225D, LF150/ 150C/ 150D/ 200/ 200F1/ 200B/ 200C/ 200D/ 225/ 225A/ 225B/ 225C/ 225D Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F150A/ 200A/ 225A, FL150A/ 200A/ 225A Owner's Manual [ru].rar Download

Yamaha F150A/ FL150A Service Manual [en].PDF Download

Yamaha F15B Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha F2.5/ 2.5A/ 2.5B/ 2.5C/ 2.5D/ 4/ 4A/ 4B/ 4C/ 4D/ 5A/ 6/ 6A/ 6B/ 6C/ 6D/ 8/ 8A/ 8B/ 8C/ 8D Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F2.5A Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha F200C/ 225C, LF200C/ 225C Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha F20A Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F225A/ FL225A Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F250/ 350/ 350A2, LF250/ 350/ 350A2 Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F25A/ 25X Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F25A/ 30/ 30A/ 30B/ 30C/ 30D/ 30Z/ 40/ 40A/ 40B/ 40C/ 40D/ 40F/ 40X/ 40Z/ 50/ 50A/ 50B/ 50C/ 50D/ 50F/ 50X/ 50Y, FT50G, T25A/ 50/ 50A/ 50B/ 50C/ 50D/ 50X/ 50Y Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F25A/ 40B/ 40C/ 50A/ 50D/ 50F, FT50C/ 50G Owner's Manual [ru].rar Download

Yamaha F25C Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha F300A/ 300BETX/ 350A, FL300A/ 350A Owner's Manual [ru].rar Download

Yamaha F4/ 4A Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha F40BED/ BET/ BMHD/ BWHD/ ER/ MH/ TR Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F4A/ 4B/ 5A/ 6A/ 6C/ 8C Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F50A, FT50B/ 50C Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F50F, FT50G Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F60/ 60B/ 60C/ 60D/ 70/ 75/ 75B/ 75C/ 75D/ 80A/ 80B/ 90/ 90B/ 90C/ 90D, FT60D, T60/ 60B/ 60C/ 60D Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F60A/ 80A, FT60B Owner's Manual [ru].rar Download

Yamaha F60C, FT60D Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F6AMH/ 6BMH/ 6Y/ 8CMH/ 8CW/ 8Y Service Manual [en] Download

Yamaha F80B Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F9.9/ 9.9B/ 9.9C/ 9.9/ D/ 9.9F/ 9.92/ 9.92D/ 15/ 15A/ 15B/ 15C/ 15D/ 15Z/ 20, FT9.9G, T9.9/ 9.9B/ 9.9C/ 9.9D/ 9.92/ 9.92D Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha F9.9C/ 15/ 15A, FT9.9D Service Manual [en, es].rar Download

Yamaha F9.9C/ 9.9F/ 15A/ 15C/ 20B Owner's Manual [ru].rar Download

Yamaha F90D Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha LX250A, SX250A, VX250A/ 250B/ 250C Owner's Manual [en].rar  Download

Yamaha LZ150A/ 150B/ 200A/ 200B/ 200C/ 200D/ 200Y, VZ150/ 150A/ 150Z/ 175/ 200/ 200C/ 200D/ 200Z/ 225/ 2002, Z150A/ 150Y/ 175D/ 200/ 200A/ 200B Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha LZ200N/ 200Y, Z200N/ 200Y Service Manual [en].pdf Download

Yamaha LZ250B/ 250C/ 250D/ 300/ 300C/ 300D, VZ250/ 250B/ 250C/ 250D/ 300/ 300C/ 300D, Z250B/ 250C/ 250D/ 300/ 300C/ 300D Owner's Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha LZ250D/ 300A, LZ250D/ 300A Service Manual [en].rar Download

Yamaha Rigging guide [en].pdf Download

Yamaha T8 Owner's Manual [en].pdf Download

Top 5 Yamaha Outboard Motors

The Japanese corporation Yamaha is famous for its excellent motors for boats of various sizes. The company produces units with a two-stroke and four-stroke principle, running on gasoline. They are suspended from the transom and rotate the screw, setting the boat in motion. The direction is set by turning the handle or an electronic system that turns the entire power unit in the right direction. The rating of the best Yamaha outboard motors will introduce proven models for small inflatable boats used for fishing and walking, as well as for larger boats that go to the open sea or carry out long trips with tourists.

The best Yamaha two-stroke outboard motors

Such equipment has a power from 2 to 200 hp, which allows them to be used on both large and small boats.


The units, making one revolution of the crankshaft, perform a full stroke of the piston in the cylinder, which ensures better efficiency. Such models are cheaper than other versions. But they are less stable in terms of speed and more “gluttonous”.


Yamaha 2 DMHS - for a small fishing boat

This is Yamaha's smallest and best motor with a long propeller shaft and mounts to the transom of a small fishing boat. The vessel is steered manually by the handle with a rubberized handle.


The top is conveniently located neck for refueling the fuel mixture. Fixing to the hull of the boat is carried out with two cap screws, which provides a strong hold and prevents the unit from falling into the water. A small visor has been removed above the screws to protect against splashes when getting out of the water.


  • light weight of 9.8 kg will not overload a small boat;
  • a volume of 50 cm3 gives a power of 2 hp, which allows you to confidently move along small lakes and calm rivers;
  • the mounting design provides for a 180-degree steering column turn and a change in the level of the motor tilt, which is very convenient when moving in shallow water;
  • the body of the unit is equipped with vibration protection;
  • cylinders are blown in a loop;
  • all internal elements are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and covered with anti-corrosion protection;
  • long service life;
  • an emergency stop cord is provided;
  • the kit includes a hose for fueling;
  • service tools and a spark plug are supplied with the motor;
  • economical fuel consumption of 1.4 liters per hour;
  • aluminum three-bladed propeller.


  • manual start system;
  • carburetor injection is susceptible to atmospheric pressure, which affects the accuracy of revolutions;
  • tank capacity of 1.2 liters, which is enough without refueling only for small enclosed water areas;
  • manual tilt and trim change;
  • A 50:1 blend of oil and gasoline is required for optimal lubrication.

Yamaha 9.9 GMHS - bestseller of 2017

Such a Yamaha outboard motor is the best for a 4-6 seater inflatable boat, designed for long sea or river trips.


It is distinguished by a power of 9.9 hp, as well as an external fuel tank of 24 liters, which eliminates the need to carry canisters with you, and gives more space on the ship. That is why it became a bestseller of 2017.


The torque transmission rack has a strong frame with a casing, and is well protected from corrosion. Fastening to the transom is carried out by two screws with convenient plastic tips that facilitate pressure. To change the angle of inclination, there are 5 holes in the fixation block.


  • power 9.9 hp;
  • in-line two-cylinder engine is easy to maintain and repair;
  • high strength of all fasteners;
  • the angle of the daywood is easy to change, which will allow you to swim in a shallow place without damaging the propeller;
  • long service life;
  • adjustment of the tightness of rotation of the throttle handle using a wing screw;
  • a vibration damping system is introduced inside the case;
  • tiller rotation angle 180 degrees;
  • protection against starting when the transmission is on;
  • output connectors on the body, allowing you to connect chargers from phones and echo sounders to the mains;
  • processing of all parts with an anti-corrosion compound in 5 layers;
  • the motor does not need to be registered in the GIMS;
  • the kit comes with a 24-liter tank, which provides long walks on the sea;
  • exhaust gases are released through holes next to the propeller underwater, so there is no exhaust smoke on the surface.


  • weight 36 kg is difficult to install;
  • price;
  • manual start;
  • pre-mixing of oil and gasoline;
  • carburetor fuel system;
  • fuel consumption 5 liters per hour.

The best Yamaha four-stroke outboard motors

This category of equipment is characterized by more stable engine speed, regardless of weather conditions.


Their fuel consumption is more economical, which allows them to be used for long trips. The power of the motors varies from 4 to 350 hp, in connection with which the size and weight of the boat is determined.

Yamaha F4 BMHS - the most affordable in its class

This is the best Yamaha outboard motor as the main engine in a small inflatable boat or for a large one where it will play the role of an auxiliary. Such a four-stroke engine costs from $ 1,000, which makes it the most affordable in this category of goods.


To control the tiller, a very comfortable handle with a wide rubberized part is provided, which can be taken with two hands.


  • price ;
  • stylish streamlined body;
  • power 4 hp;
  • volume from 139 cm3 does not require registration;
  • lubrication is carried out by pouring oil into the crankcase;
  • at full throttle develops revolutions of 4500 per minute;
  • condenser ignition system;
  • to change the angle of inclination, there are six holes with quick fixation of the stand.


  • the fuel tank holds only 1.1 liters;
  • weight 27 kg difficult to install;
  • manual start;
  • carburetor injection;
  • ignition coil and alternator sold separately.

Yamaha F15 CEHS - for long sea trips

This is Yamaha's best outboard motor for long-distance boat trips because it has a separate 25 liter tank, compact dimensions with a streamlined shape that does not take up much space at the transom, and a reinforced tiller that allows you to maneuver even in strong waves.


The rack with the propeller is held on four mounts, and the exhaust gases from this series of engines are released into the water.


  • stable operation in all weather conditions;
  • wear-resistant valve system with a long service life;
  • high power of 15 hp will accelerate a large boat to a decent speed;
  • reinforced tiller;
  • built-in oil filter and preliminary fuel cleaning;
  • adjustment of the engine tilt relative to the transom in six positions;
  • volume 362 cm3 with small dimensions;
  • develops revolutions of 5500 per minute;
  • electronic start with maximum comfort;
  • tank for 25 liters;
  • Includes alternator and ignition coil.


  • price  ;
  • weight 53 kg;
  • changing the trim manually.

Yamaha F40 FET - for boats

This is the best Yamaha outboard motor, which, thanks to its high power of 40 hp, will be able to accelerate a medium-sized boat.


The unit is optimal for use on boats with cabins due to electronic start and remote control, which allows you to comfortably sit at the helm in front of the boat.


Electronic multi-point fuel supply system and automatic throttle valve control give stable operation.


  • three cylinders in a row provide compact housing dimensions;
  • volume of 747 cm3 allows you to give out power of 40 hp. and overcome the waves or swim confidently against the current;
  • separate tank for 25 liters;
  • remote motor control;
  • develops up to 6000 rpm;
  • electronic fuel injection;
  • three-bladed propeller made of aluminum;
  • lack of tiller and the need to sit in the back;
  • electric drive for tilting and changing the trim;
  • abundant lubrication of the crankshaft thanks to a wet sump with a capacity of 1.8 liters;
  • generator with ignition coil included, as well as a voltage regulator.


  • high price;
  • more complex connection to the steering;
  • the mass of 94 kg is heavy for installation and adds extra weight to the vessel;
  • loud work.
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