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Bentley Continental Owner’s Manual, Spares Sheet, Repair Workshop Service Manual Wiring_Diagrams, Misc Documents-Brochure, Accessories. Engine Service manual. Free Download

Bentayga, Continental, Flying Spur, Mulsanne, S-Series, Silver Cloud, T Series, Silver Shadow

Bentley Arnage Assist 03.2010 DVD 967mb Download
-Arnage Arnage – Red Label Arnage – Green Label Arnage 4.4L Birkin
-Arnage LWB Arnage Le Mans Arnage R (2002-2004) Arnage T (2002-2004)
-Arnage RL (2002-2004) Arnage T-24 Mulliner Arnage R by Mulliner
-Arnage T (2005-2009) Arnage R (2005-2009) Arnage RL (2005-2009)
-Arnage Blue Train Arnage Diamond Series Arnage Final Series
-Azure Azure T Brooklands

Bentley 4¼ Litre MK_VI With Instruction For Running & Maintenance Manual

Bentley MK6 Starting the Engine and Driving the Car Download
Bentley MK6 Periodic Lubrication and Attention Download
Bentley MK6 Centralised Chassis Lubrication Download
Bentley MK6 Engine Lubrication System Download
Bentley MK6 The Fuel System Download
Bentley MK6 The Braking System Download
Bentley MK6 Clutch, Gearbox, Propeller Shaft and Rear Axle Download
Bentley MK6 Steering, Shock Dampers, Road Springs, Wheels and Tyres Download
Bentley MK6 Engine Cooling System Download
Bentley MK6 The Electrical System Download
Bentley MK6 The Body and Coachwork Download
Bentley MK6 Storage and Recommissioning of Cars Download

Bentley (Pre-War to 1976) Service_Schedule Manual_Download
Bentley 4-1-4l M-series_Wiring diagram_Download
Bentley 4.25 l MK6 Manual 1931_Download
Bentley_Chassis Numbers Booklet (1904 – 1980)_Download
Bentley_MK6 Manual 1931_Download
Bentley_Phantom Vi (Gm400 Cars Pgh101 Onwards) Workshop Manual Electrical & Torque Tightening_Download
Bentley_R Type Handbook_Download
Rolls_Royce & Bentley_Cars Paint Codes_Download

Bentayga Speed_Bentayga V8 20MY Customer Book_Download
Bentley_Bentayga Mulliner Brochure_Download
Bentley_Flying Spur Accessories Brochure_Download
Bentley_Flying Spur Brochure_Download
Bentley_Mulsanne Accessories Range_Download
Bentley_Mulsanne / Silver Spirit 1980 – 1986 Service Information Sheets (S.I.S.). Mixed Parts & Service Bulletins_Download
Bentley_Mulsanne / Silver Spirit Service_Schedule Manual_Download

Bentley_S Series / Silver Cloud (1955 – 1959) Workshop Manual_Download
Bentley_S Series / Silver Cloud Workshop_Manual – 4 Speed Automatic Transmission_Download
Bentley_S Silver Cloud Service Bulletin_Download
Bentley_S / Silver Cloud / Silver Cloud 2 Workshop Manual_Download
Bentley_S2 / S3 Silver Cloud 2 / 3 Service Bulletin_Download
Bentley_S2 / Silver Cloud 2 (Supplement For 6230cc V8 Engine) Workshop_Manual Engine_Download
Bentley_S2 / Silver_Cloud 2 Workshop_Manual Air_Conditioning_Download
Bentley_S3 Silver_Cloud 3 Spares Information Sheet_Download
Bentley_S3 / Silver_Cloud III Workshop_Manual Supplement_Download


Bentley T Series / Silver Shadow Manuals

Bentley_T Series / Silver_Shadow (1972 – 1975) Service Bulletin_Download
Bentley_T Series / Silver_Shadow (1965 – 1971) Service Bulletin_Download
Bentley_T Series / Silver_Shadow (1965 – 1971) Spares Information Sheets_Download
Bentley_T Series / Silver_Shadow (1965 – 1976) Workshop Manual_Download
Bentley_T Series / Silver_Shadow (1972 – 1975) Spares_Information Sheets_Download
Bentley_T Series / Silver_Shadow (1976 – 1978) Service Bulletin_Download
Bentley_T Series / Silver_Shadow (1980 – 1986) Service Bulletin_Download
Bentley_T Series / Silver_Shadow (1980 – 1986) Spares_Information Sheets_Download
Bentley_T Series / Silver_Shadow_Workshop Manual_Gm400 Transmission_Download
Bentley_T2 / Silver_Shadow Ii (1977 – 1980 Includes Corniche & Camargue) Workshop Manual_ Download


Bentley Continental Service Manuals & App

Bentley Continental Repair_Workshop Service Manual Wiring Diagrams, Misc Documents-Brochure, Accessories. Engine Service manual. Free Download PDF and App Assist

Bentley Continental_GT 2006 Brochure Download
Bentley Continental_GT 2007 Misc Documents-Brochure Download
Bentley Continental_GT and GT Convertible Customer’s Book Download
Bentley Continental_GT W12 Accessories Download
Bentley Continental_GTC 2007 Misc Documents-Brochure Download
Bentley Continental_S3 Spares Information Sheet Download
Bentley Continental_Series (2004-2011) Accessories Download
Bentley Continental_Sports Saloon (with automatic gearbox) Handbook Download


Bentley Continental Repair, Maintenance and Diagnosis App

IETIS Viewer Technical_Database ASSIST Bentley .rar Download
Repair_Workshop Service Manual Wiring Diagrams EPC ASSIST_IETIS

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The best Bentley cars in history

Since its founding in 1919, Bentley has consistently strived for success by offering customers the very best and most modern in the automotive world. In 1924, the Bentley sports car won the legendary Le Mans race and won several more times until 1930. Production models have always been distinguished by high-class design and were perfect from a technical point of view.


This car was one of the great race winners in its heyday and had a powerful engine that laid the foundation for future motors. He gave out 180 hp. for the road version, it developed 200 hp on the racing model. Company founder Walter Owen Bentley learned from his railroad experience: The Speed 6 received aluminum pistons, dual spark ignition, and a dry sump lubrication system.


This racing icon has become widely known thanks to Sir Henry Birkin, the famous English racing driver who embodied the image of a British sports icon. The Blower Birkin sports cars were unrivaled on the track. In 1932, he set a stunning speed record by accelerating a car to 222 km / h.


A total of 100 Bentley Eights were built, and many of them have survived to this day. Depending on the type of body, the model weighed up to 2 tons and was equipped with a huge 8-liter inline-six engine with 220 hp, which by the standards of that time was a very noticeable achievement. The Bentley Eight Liter was the brand’s last car before the company was sold to Rolls Royce.


The value of this Bentley cannot be overestimated. Produced between 1946 and 1952, it was the company’s first car after World War II and after being taken over by Rolls Royce. It had an all-metal body and was considered the most expensive and fastest 5-seater car of that time.


Arnage was originally supposed to get a 4.4-liter BMW engine. In a fierce battle for control and ownership of the Bentley and Rolls Royce brands, which involved Volkswagen and BMW, the car managed to make do with a 6.75-liter V8 engine. The engine, although heavier, gracefully complemented the Arnage and served it faithfully.

How to understand that there is a problem with the turbocharger

A turbocharger is a complex mechanism. And while manufacturers claim that the latest generation of turbocharging systems are more reliable than ever, car owners often face different realities. The following symptoms indicate that it is time to repair the Bentley Continental GT V8S turbine:

  • increased consumption of engine oil;
  • exhaust color change;
  • drop in power of the power unit;
  • deviations of pressure indicators in the internal combustion engine and oil level from the norm;
  • abrupt shutdown or overheating of the engine;
  • turning on the “check engine” indicator on the dashboard.

Any of these malfunctions requires diagnostics in a car service using specialized equipment. It is not recommended to repair the turbine on your own or at unverified maintenance stations, because. inept actions combined with the use of cheap analog parts can lead to a complete failure of the compressor and / or engine.


Bentley is Bentley… The standard of success, luxury and prestige. Bentley Continental GTC W12 can rightfully be considered an exceptional and excellent royal convertible. The best auto designers and constructors of England have invested in this car not only their soul, but also an indomitable temper, the pacification of which will bring you indescribable pleasure.


Externally, the Bentley Continental GTC W12 combines solidity and aggressiveness. It is as if created by the best sculptors in the world: sensual graceful lines of the body are complemented by pronounced fenders and a radiator grill typical for this brand, which is crowned with the world-famous logo of the automaker.


Unlike sports cars from other brands, the Bentley Continental GTC is not noisy! The sound of the engine, rather, resembles an intricately woven melody, the performance of which depends on its condition. Only wound up, he lightly hums a quiet song under his breath that will not disturb the neighbors. But step on the gas, and your car will play drum solos for you, caressing your ears and delivering incomparable driving pleasure.


Once you’re inside this chic convertible, we bet you’ll be speechless for a couple of moments! The interior of the Bentley Continental GTC W12 is truly chic. The seat upholstery is hand-sewn from the softest and most premium leather in the world. In general, all materials used in the interior trim of this car have the prefix “best” and “premium”.

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