Volvo  Fault Codes

Р0100 - Р0103 Failure of the air flow sensor itself or its wiring

Р0105 - Р0108 Pressure sensor defective, typical for turbo engines

Р0110 - Р0113 Failure of circuits and air temperature sensor

Р0115 - Р0118 Similarly for engine temperature sensor

Р0120 - Р0123 Throttle flap position sensor is faulty

Р0137 - Р0141 Failure of the lambda probe

Р0142 - Р0147 Damage to the third lambda probe (not available on all machines)

ECM4400 A characteristic problem on the XC90, fuel level sensor failure

Р0451 - Р0453 Breakdown of the pressure sensor in the tank

On machines with the old diagnostic system errors are encountered.

121 Open circuit of air flow sensor

122 Failure of the inlet air temperature sensor

123 and 133 open circuit motor temperature sensor

131 No data on engine speed

132 Network voltage parameters outside the tolerance range

143 Knock sensor defective.

212 Faulty lambda probe and its wiring

214 Crankshaft revolution sensor has problems

221 Problem in lambda probe

243 No signal from throttle sensor (not on all models)

312 Knock sensor defective

344 No signal from the exhaust temperature sensor (turbo only)

332 and 333 Throttle position sensor adjustment required

For trucks, the following sensor errors are common.

PID170 and 171 Failure of temperature sensors in the cabin and on the street

PID117 and 118 Breakdowns of pressure sensors in brake circuits

PID177 Transmission oil temperature sensor failure


On Volvo XC90 with large runs, an error P0027 often occurs, which indicates clogged valves in the phase adjustment system. This problem is corrected by flushing the valve or replacing it with a new one. However, it is not uncommon for an error to occur by chance and no longer bother the owner after deletion.


There are some more common Volvo error codes.

P0171 and P0172 Fuel Mix Enrichment

P0174 and P0175 Excessive impoverishment of the mixture

P0200 Malfunction of the injection injector control unit

Р0201 - Р0212 Failure of nozzles on cylinders

Р0217 Excess of critical temperature of engine

Р0218 Overheating of transmission units

P0243 - P0250 Insufficient pressure in the pressurization system (only for turbo)

Р0231 - Р0233 Malfunctions of the fuel pump

Р0267 - Р0296 Nozzle driver failure (on cylinders)

P0300 General Misfire

Р0301 - Р0312 Cylinder passes

Р0351 - Р0356 Ignition coils are faulty (cylinder)

P0380 Diesel Glow Malfunction

For the old Volvo (until 1995) in the work of the engine errors are most characteristic.

112 Failure of fuel injection control system

113 Failure of one or all nozzles

134 Faulty injection relay.

143 Knock sensor defective.

211 CO regulator (on carburetor engine)

222 Failure of fuel injection relay

223, 232 and 233 Faults in the idle system

For trucks, codes have a double structure.

PID84 Speed Sensor Break

PID91 Failure of the gas pedal position sensor

PID94 Problems with pressure in the fuel supply system

PID97 Water entering the system

PID98 Oil level drop

PID100 Oil Pressure Reduction

PID102 Forced Air Pressure Drop

PID108 Engine block leakage (measured by pressure sensor inside the block)

PID110 Engine Overheating

PID190 Engine Over Speed

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