Toyota Corolla electrical equipment trailer

General information


Several types of tow bar connectors are available with different terminals in them. The most common is the 7-pin connector, which provides the use of two additional circuits.

If the receiving socket of the towing connector does not match the size of the plug mounted on the trailer, you should purchase one of the suitable manufactured transition nozzles (see accompanying illustration).

1 - for attaching the Brylite plug to the Utilux socket

2 - for attachment of a 6-pin Utilux plug to a 5-pin Utilux plug

Installation of the tow bar

For equipment of the hitch, a receiving socket for the towbar connector requires (minimum): a receiving socket, a support bracket, a 7-core flexible cable, insulated connectors for connecting wires and a rubber grommet corresponding to the trailer plug.

Required components for trailer powering equipment using a Utilux type towing connector.

1 - plug

2 - terminal blocks

3 - boot

4 - boot

5 - screws

6 - nest

7 - connector for connecting wires

8 - wire

9 - the plug through passage,

10 - 7 — conductor flexible cable

11 - control follower

12 - screw

13 - support bracket

14 - lamp


  • Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
  • Locate the wiring of the lanterns in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Find the power wires of the right and left rear turn indicators, tail lights, brake lights, reversing lights and ground. Using the wiring diagrams shown at the end of this Chapter, determine the color marking of each of the listed wires.
  • Using insulated connectors, connect a 7-wire flexible cable to each of the wires found.
  • When using the 7-pin type tow bar, follow the following standard color coding scheme:

Left turn indicator lamp - Yellow

Reversing lamp - The black

Mass - White

Right turn indicator lamp - Green

Electric brakes - Blue

Brake light lamp - Red

Side marker lamp - Brown

When using the 6-pin type tow bar, follow the following standard color coding scheme:

Side marker lamp - Brown

Left turn indicator lamp - Yellow

Right turn indicator lamp - Green

Brake light lamp - Red

Auxiliary circuit - Blue

Mass - White

Drill a suitable hole in the floor panels of the car and install a rubber grommet in it.

Before drilling a hole, check if you can use any of the existing technological ones. The bushing must be installed without fail in order to avoid wiping the wires.

Insert a 7-conductor flexible cable through the hole with the grommet installed.

Cut the cable to the desired length and put a boot on it.

Strip each cable core from insulation by approximately 15 mm.

Connect the cable strands to the receptacle terminals, following the standard color scheme and following the connector manufacturer's instructions.

Assemble the nest and install a boot on its rear end. The components of the 7-pin Brylite-type towbar connector are shown in the accompanying illustration.

1 - 7 - conductor flexible cable

2 - covers

3 - nest

4 - boot

5 - plug

6 - screws

Install the support bracket as close as possible to the ball pin of the hitch and high enough to keep the vehicle's ground clearance.

Install the receptacle socket into the bracket.

Connect the trailer plug to the tow bar's receptacle to check that the dock is in good condition.

Install trailer plug

The trailer equipment requires a plug for the towbar connector (minimum): a plug that corresponds to the receiving socket on the vehicle, a 7-conductor flexible cable and insulated connectors for connecting wires.

The procedure for installing the plug on the trailer is similar to that for installing the receiving socket of the connector on the car, taking into account the points listed below.


Connect the trailer electrical wiring to the connector plug in accordance with the generally accepted standard for color marking. Follow connector manufacturers instructions. If the free length of the trailer wiring harness is insufficient, extend the harness with a 7-wire flexible cable and insulated connectors for connecting the wires.

If the color scheme of the trailer wiring does not meet the generally accepted standard, identify each of the wires, for which:

  • Find the trailer ground wire;
  • Connect a jumper wire from the negative terminal of the 12-volt battery to the ground wire;
  • Connect a jumper wire to the positive terminal of the battery and alternately connect each of the trailer harness wires to it. Record the color of each wire and the device triggered when it is connected (signal light / brake).

After the installation is completed, connect the plug to the receiving socket of the tow bar on the vehicle to check the proper connection of the connector components.

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