Chery B series Service Repair Manuals. EWD

Collection of manuals for the repair and maintenance of Chery B series cars, Wiring diagrams, transmission repair and diagnostics, error codes, engine and fuel system diagnostics

Chery B11 Repair Service Manual

Air Conditioner Download
Body Dimension & Accessories Download

ABS Download
Brake system Download
Four wheel alignment Download
Steering Download
Suspension and axle Download

Engine injection system – part 1 Download
Engine injection system – part 2 Download
Engine injection system – part 3 Download
Engine injection system – part 4 Download
Engine injection system – part 5 Download
Engine injection system – part 6 Download
Engine injection system – part 7 Download
Engine machanical system – part 1 Download
Engine machanical system – part 2 Download
Engine machanical system – part 3 Download
Engine machanical system – part 4 Download
Engine machanical system – part 5 Download
Engine machanical system – part 6 & 7 Download

F4A4-2 Automatic Transmission Download
Manual Transmission – B11 7200MT – Part 1 Download
Manual Transmission – B11 7200MT – Part 2 Download
Manual Transmission – B11 7200MT – Part 3 Download
Manual Transmission – B11 7200MT – Part 4 Download

Steering System Download
Brake System Download
ABS Download
Wheel Alignment and Ajdusting Download
Axle and Suspension Download


Chery B14 Service Repair Manual

Service manual for chery v525 car chassis Download
Service manual for chery v525 car body accessories Download

Chery B11

Having widely spread their areas of influence in the developing countries of Asia and Africa, Chinese automakers are building grandiose plans to develop the markets of Europe and the USA. The main striking force in the attack of Chinese cars on the markets of civilized countries is the Chery company. Huge production capacities, well-established technological base and a wide range of models play a significant role in the popularity of the company’s products.


Chery Oriental Son (the car is also known as Mikado). The “Son of the East” has a striking resemblance to the Daewoo Magnus, or rather, it is an almost complete copy of the Korean car. Although this is quite predictable – it is time for the Chinese to issue a medal for achievements in the field of copying. However, the appearance is not the main thing – the main task is to figure out the following: is the Chery Mikado of interest to potential buyers as a business class car.


In city traffic, the car behaves quite tolerably:

accelerates slowly, but smoothly; the large diameter brakes do an excellent job of slowing down the Chery Mikado. Although the mass of the car is rather big, it maneuvers extremely well in dense city traffic.

The suspension, although a little soft, knows its job well – the unevenness of the asphalt is overcome without uncomfortable consequences for passengers.


In general, Chery Mikado is a pretty good choice for city driving. But if you decide to get out on a country road, most likely you will be disappointed in the driving performance of the car.

At high speeds, there is a slow reaction to pressing the gas pedal – the car flatly refuses to increase speed. The only way out of this situation will be to switch to manual control of the gearbox: Mikado becomes noticeably faster and allows you to fully use the engine at high speeds. However, here another typical Chinese flaw is added to the first problem – extremely poor engine sound insulation. At a decent speed, the noise of the motor is very annoying. Too much suspension travel also spoils the impression of the car. After overcoming the figure of 100 km / h, there is significant suspension fluctuations, accompanied by unpleasant changes in gravity for all passengers. Completing the list of shortcomings is a slow steering response, especially at high speeds. In addition to a representative appearance and an expensive interior, only high-quality brakes and low fuel consumption remain on the list of Chery Mikado’s advantages. In general, the car turned out to be “raw”, it will not receive a large market share. The car has nothing to oppose in terms of handling, for example, Toyota Camry. Although motorists who prefer an abundance of functionality and bells and whistles inside the car to running performance, may give their preference to the new product from Chery.

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