Chevrolet Corvette C5 Service Repair Manual+EWD

Here you can download repair and maintenance manual for Chevrolet Corvette C5 1998-1999, Wiring Diagrams, Diagnosis of engine and transmission faults, Overhaul. spare parts catalog, tuning manual, engine tuning, Error codes and their interpretation. The manual is divided into sections, in PDF format

1998 Chevrolet Camaro & Pontiac Firebird Service Manual Volume 1 Download
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1997—1998 ENGINE ASM-S.7LV8
1997-1998 ENGINE ASM-8.7L V8
1997-1998 ENGINE ASM-5.7L V8
1897-1999 ENGINE ASM-5.7L V8
1999-2000 ENGINE ASM-S.7L V8
1999- 2001 ENGINE ASM-5.7L V8
1997 – 2001 Chevrolet Corvette Illustration Catalog Download


Anti Theft Systems Download
Body Control System Download
Cruise Control System Download
Defoggers Download
Headlights Download
Instrument Panel Download
Keyless Entry System Download
Memory Systems Download
Power Door Locks Download
Power Door Lockss Download
Power Mirrors Download
Power Seats Download
Power Sunroof Download
Power Windows Download
Steering Column Switches Download
Wiper Washer System Download


§ Anti-Lock Brake System Download
§ Disc & Drum Download
§ Differential Download

§ Electrical Component Locator Download
§ Fuses & Circuit Breakers Download
§ Generator & Regulator Download
§ Starter Download
§ System Wiring Diagrams Download
§ Cooling System Mechanical Download
§ Drive Belt Routing Download


§ Engine Cooling Fan Download
§ Engine Download

§ Adjustments Download
§ Basic Testing Download
§ Emission Applications Download
§ Engine Download
§ Remove/Install/Overhaul Download
§ Sensor Range Charts Download
§ Specifications Download
§ System Component Tests Download
§ Tests With Codes Download
§ Tests Without Codes Download
§ Theory & Operation Download
§ Vacuum Diagrams Download

§ Abbreviations Download


§ Basic Troubleshooting Download
§ Brakes Download
§ Check Lists Download
§ Computer Relearn Download
§ Drive Axle Noise Diagnosis Download
§ Drive Cycles Download
§ Electrical Download
§ Electrostatic Discharge Warning Download
§ Engine Overhaul Procedures Download
§ Engine Performance Diagnostic Routine Download
§ Engine Performance Safety Download
§ Engine Performance Troubleshooting Download
§ Gear Tooth Contact Patterns Download
§ General Cooling System Service Download


§ How to use the Engine Performance Section Download
§ Identification Download
§ MAP Brake Systems Download
§ MAP Drive Train & Transmission Download
§ MAP Electrical Systems Download
§ MAP Engine Performance & Maintenance Download
§ Metric Conversions Download
§ Traction Control Disable Download
§ Troubleshooting Clutches Download
§ Troubleshooting Manual Transmissions Download
§ Waveforms – injector pattern tutorial Download
§ Wheel Alignment Procedure Download

§ AC Compressor Refrigerant Oil Checking Download


§ AC Compressor Servicing Download
§ AC Heater System Automatic Download
§ AC Heater System Manual Download
§ AC System Diagnostics Download
§ AC System General Servicing Download
§ AC System Specifications Download
§ Compressor Applications Download
§ Maintenance Reminder Light Reset Procedure Download
§ Maintenance Information Download

§ Air Bag Restraint System Download
§ Power Steering Download
§ Steering Columns Download
§ Front Suspension Download
§ General Diagnosis Download
§ Rear Suspension Download
§ Riding Height Adjustments Download


§ Wheel Alignment Specifications & Procedures Download
§ Vehicle Recalls & Technical Service Bulletins Download
§ AT Diagnosis Download
§ AT Overhaul Download
§ AT Removal & Installation Download
§ AT Servicing Download
§ Clutches Download
§ Hydraulic Diagrams Download
§ MT Overhaul Download
§ MT Removal & Installation Download
§ MT Servicing Download
§ Shift Interlock Corvette C5System Download


Corvette C5

Corvette C5, like its other relatives, is an infrequent guest on the roads. And in our hands is the pearl among the fifth generation versions – the fire-breathing Z06. This version got its name in honor of the talented designer and “father of the Corvette” Zora Arkus-Dantov, who in 1963 proposed the Z06 RPO sports package for the Corvette Sting Ray, which turns a serial sports car into a racing car.


In the eyes of an amateur, the usual C5 looks like it’s immediately clear: “tough guy”. A low aerodynamic body (aerodynamic drag coefficient – 0.28), a huge hood with narrow air intake slits, lifting headlights – this is an indispensable attribute of many supercars of the 20th century, the branded “four” rear bright red lights … Only it can be like this: Chevrolet Corvette!


This is probably why, when designing the exterior of the Z06, the designers added only a few small touches to it. The charged version is most easily identified by the eye with 265/40 R17 tires at the front and 295/35 R18 at the rear, side air intakes, red brake calipers, “Z06 405hp” badges and specially designed wheels. A titanium exhaust system, by the way, first used on a production car, can probably only be distinguished from a standard one by a hereditary alchemist.


The fifth Corvette had a wide variety of body styles. It was possible to order a targa, a convertible or a hardtop. Alas, this did not apply to the Z06. If you want it hotter, be content with an uncontested hardtop. Most of the cars were produced in black, so our silver copy in thirty years will be able to claim collector’s value.


If an adequate person cannot have any complaints about the appearance of the Corvette C5, then the haters made fun of the interior as best they could. They say that the remains of wood from the production of the floor went to the manufacture of the interior. Denying the obvious is stupid – there really is no soft plastic in the Corvette, except for what is on the doors and armrest. And for the base 345-horsepower version, equipped with an automatic and most often used for leisurely boardwalks and pickups, this really was a problem.


But is it such a minus when it comes to a 400-horsepower sports car with “mechanics” and dynamics of 3.9 seconds to a hundred? Yes, anyone who decides to grunt even a word about the cheapness of the finish, this beast will simply smear it on the back of the seat. If the test subject continues to insist that the Porsche has softer leather and more power adjustments, just kill him.

At the cost! Corvette has always been one and a half times cheaper than European counterparts. Otherwise, C5 does not require discounts. Rather, on the contrary, he puts forward his own. I don’t know about the standard C5, but Z06 seats only like to hug the bodies of well-built riders. Fat people are not welcome here – no tolerance.


The dashboard of a sports car is traditional only at first glance: the dashboard on the Corvette C5 is not flat, but “three-dimensional” – the pointer scales are located at different distances from the driver’s eyes. You get used to it quickly. The tachometer is marked up to a promising seven thousand rpm, and the speedometer is up to two hundred miles per hour. The steering wheel is notable only for the fact that it has a Corvette brand badge on it. Show it to someone separately from the car, they will never believe that this simple four-spoke steering wheel was taken from an American Ferrari.


Compared with the standard C5, Z06, in particular, due to the rejection of part of the sound insulation, spare wheel and the use of thinner glass, lightened by 163 kg. It could have been more, but the hands of engineers did not rise to electric drives and seat memory, climate and cruise control. The diet did not touch the chic Bose music with 8 speakers and a 32-band equalizer. The system plays as it should, but there is no point in it. In such a car, you need to listen to only one melody, performed by a V-shaped octet of engine cylinders.

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