Volkswagen Jetta Service and Repair manuals

Self-study program 525 VW / Audi. The device and principle of operation.

The Jetta Hybrid has become the second after the Touareg Hybrid, a mass-produced Volkswagen model with a hybrid drive. This self-learning program describes the changes made. A hybrid electric drive is a combination of an internal combustion engine and a traction motor. For Jetta Hybrid, this means that a 110 kW TSI engine runs in parallel with a 20 kW traction motor. Jetta Hybrid uses lithium-ion batteries and the latest generation DSG 7-speed gearbox.

Content: Short and clear, Body, Engines, Transmission, Running gear, High-voltage network, Electrical equipment, Information-command infotainment system, Heater and air conditioning system, Maintenance.

Generic Scan Tool. Engines CNTA, CNTC, CXCA, CXCB. Repair Manual

Manual diagnostics engines and gearbox DQ-250 6F 02E. Edition 04.2015

Very good guide to the diagnosis of modern cars VAG. Extremely rare factory information, because The procedures and troubleshooting block schemes described therein more than 10 years ago were transferred from printed versions to diagnostic devices of the VAS series. Not only errors, but also threshold values, secondary parameters, switch-on conditions, control time duration, frequency of checks, and switching-on of test lamps are described. Troubleshooting troubleshooting.

The manual also contains step-by-step procedures for accurate diagnosis and repair of components.

Volkswagen Jetta PDF Workshop, Service and Repair manuals

Jetta Workshop Repair Manuals

Jetta – Quick Reference Specification Book

Jetta (1998-2005) Service Manual

Jetta 2.8L VR6 6-Cylinder Engine Repair Manual

Jetta 1984-1992 Service and Repair Manual

Jetta 1986 Transmission Repair Manual

Jetta 1999-2005 Service and Repair Manual

Jetta 2000 Engineering Manual

Jetta 2005 Service Manual

Jetta 2005 Workshop Manual

Jetta 2006 Service Training VW

Jetta 2011 Workshop Manual

Jetta 2013 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta 2014 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta 2015 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta 2016 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta GLI 2013 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta GLI 2014 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta Hybrid 2013 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta Hybrid 2014 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta Hybrid 2015 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta Hybrid 2016 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta SportWagen 2013 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Jetta SportWagen 2014 PDF Owner’s Manuals

2015 Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Jetta – 16V Electrical Wiring Diagrams

electrical systems – Jetta 84

Jetta 1985-1990 Central Electric

Jetta 1997-2000 ELECTRICAL Fuses & Circuit Breakers

Jetta 2005 Workshop Manual – Electrical System

Jetta 2010 Electrical Wiring Diagram VW

Jetta GL 1992 Electrical Wiring Diagram

Jetta GTI 1998 Electrical Wiring Diagram

Jetta II Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Jetta III 1995 Electrical Wiring Diagram

Jetta PDF manuals – Relays

ewd wiring diagram

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta Engine

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.8i 1984-1988 Engine

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.6 1983-1992 Engine 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta & Syncro 1.8 1983-1992 Engine 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.8i 1984-1992 Engine GX 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.6 EGR 1983-1988 Engine HM 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.05 1985-1992 Engine HZ 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.8 16V 1985-1992 Engine KR 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/Van 1.3 & CAT 1985-1992 Engine MH, 2G, NU 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.3i CAT 1987-1992 Engine NZ 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.8i 1987-1992 Engine PB 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.8 16V CAT 1986-1992 Engine PL 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.6 CAT 1986-1992 Engine RF 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.8 CAT 1986-1992 Engine RH 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.8i CAT 1987-1992 Engine RP 

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.8i CAT 1987-1992 Engine PF, RV

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.6 CAT 1987-1992 Engine PN

Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 1.8i CAT 1988-1992 Engine 1P

1.2 / 63 kW / 77 kW TSI Engine. Workshop Manual

Repair manual. Engine letter: CJZB, CJZA.

CJZB, CJZA engines were installed on cars:

Volkswagen Golf 7 / Volkswagen Golf 7 (model code: 5G1)

Volkswagen Golf 7 Variant / Volkswagen Golf 7 Option (model code: BA5)

Contents (repair groups): 00 - Technical data, 10 - Removing and installing engine, 13 - Crankshaft group, 15 - Cylinder head, valve gear, 17 - Lubrication, 19 - Cooling, 20 - Fuel supply system, 21 - Turbocharging / supercharging , 24 - Mixture preparation - injection, 26 - Exhaust system, 28 - Ignition system.

Expert notation: Engine MPI 1.0 L 44/50/55 kW (CHYA, CPGA, CHYB). 1.2 liter TSI engine 63/77 kW with turbocharging (CJZB, CJZA). TSI engine 1.4 liter 90 kW turbocharged (CMBA). TSI engine 1.4 l 103 kW turbocharged (CHPA, CPTA with ACT). Engine MPI 1.4 L 66 kW / 1.6 L 81 kW (CKAA, CPDA). Engine TGI 1,4 l 81 kW (CPWA - for work on gas fuel). 1.4 liter TSI engine 90 kW MultiFuel (CPVA). TSI engine 1.4 liter 110 kW Hybrid (CRJA - Europe) and (CNLA - North America).

With the introduction of a modular platform with a transverse power unit (Modularer Quer Baukasten, abbreviated MQB), Volkswagen embarked on a modular strategy for the development and creation of cars. According to this strategy, the same standard components and modules are used for all Polo, Golf and Passat cars.

Starting with the new EA211 engine family, a similar strategy is beginning to be used in the creation of gasoline engines. This is a modular family of gasoline engines (Modularer Ottomotoren Baukasten) EA211. They have a working volume of 1.0 to 1.6 liters. The basic engine is a TSI 1.4 l 103 kW.

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