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Vento motorcycles, scooters and parts for them have been created by imaginable motorcycle brands since 1996. He founded this company in a country neighboring the United States - Mexico. Has Italian sources. It can be translated into the native language as "wind". It is interesting that in the transportation of industrial products in the country there was an assembly of steel horses, spare parts for transported goods, brought mainly from the Middle Kingdom (China and Taiwan). In addition, most of the parts are made from Italy and Japan. Many partners of this motorcycle manufacturer are actively collaborating with the legendary Harley-Davidson brand, offering the latest mass of structural components.


Since the beginning of 1998, a large Vento plant was opened in the USA (in the state of Texas). This decision led to an increase in the need to increase the quality of quality control of two-wheelers and spare parts for them. Ultimately, the high level of productivity of foreign motorcycle manufacturers Vento Ranger, Verso and Gladiator. The installation of components in Laredo was an important step in the growth of the company.


The headquarters of Vento was in the same USA. It was located in a large California city called San Diego. All design work was carried out on this site. This also applies to customer support.

The above brand made a bet in the sales of its products on the domestic American market. Nevertheless, the manufacturer's dealer network was quite extensive, including representative offices in 30 countries around the world. And the sales volumes of such motorcycles were impressive. In the US alone, in 2003, almost 20,000 bikes from this company were sold. Almost 5 times more two-wheeled Ventos have been sold in Latin America and Europe during this time. In addition to foreign motorcycles of this brand, compatriots bought scooters and all-terrain vehicles.


In the Mexican place of production of small two-wheeled vehicles, this manufacturer was able to overtake even all the legendary Japanese motorcycle brands in sales. This is not surprising, because foreign Vento bikes fully complied with all the requirements of the very picky American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This organization constantly finds flaws in iron horses and contributes to their recall to the factories, no matter how popular the motorcycle brand made them, be it Aprilia, BMW or Honda.



Most foreign Vento motorcycles have a small-capacity (250 cm3) V-engine. This is quite enough to disperse such a light bike (up to 170 kg on average). Whatever it was, but the next crisis still "killed" the manufacturer. He completely stopped the production of moto in 2008.

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