Toyota Mark II Service Manual PDF

Deciphering the model code

  • G - G series engines (1G-FE).
  • S - "S" series engines (4S-FE).
  • JZ - engines of the series "JZ" (1JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE).
  • L - engines series "L" (2L-TE).

The Toyota Cresta repair manual is a digitized copy of the paper manual. The electronic version loaded into the tablet or phone will always be at hand during car maintenance and repair. You can download a free Toyota Cresta repair book in pdf format directly from the site.


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Operation of any car Toyota Cresta is impossible without knowledge of its device, features of service and repair. It does not matter who will do the necessary work - every driver must know the basic procedures for maintenance and troubleshooting.


The book on repair Toyota Cresta contains all the necessary information that will help the owner to understand the device of the car, will teach competent car care, timely maintenance and proper repair.


  • Toyota Cresta repair manual is divided into chapters:

Car device (describes general information and passport data of the car);

Operating instructions (preparation for departure, recommendations for traffic safety);

Faults on the road (tips to help you in case of unexpected breakdowns on the road);

Maintenance (detailed recommendations for all maintenance procedures);

Repair instructions (engine, transmission, running gear, steering, braking system, and also included assembly and disassembly work necessary in the process of repairing Toyota Cresta);

Electrical equipment (detailed manual for diagnostics and troubleshooting, the main blocks are described separately and detailed electric circuits of Toyota Cresta are given).

Wire color codes Toyota MARK II & CHASER & CRESTA







YGR poisonous green










Grounding Points Toyota MARK II & CHASER & CRESTA

AA right wing

AV right wing

CG intake manifold

AC right cup strut suspension

AD left wing

CE intake manifold

CF intake manifold

CH intake manifold

CK cylinder block

CU generator bracket

CV cylinder block

CW cylinder head cover (rear)

CX cylinder head cover (front)

EL left wing

FP left side of engine compartment partition

MS left rear quarter body

FN right side of the engine compartment

PT lower back panel

FO engine compartment partition (under the dashboard)

LQ floor crossbar

LR right rear quarter body

UL left wing

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    Joe robert (Saturday, 05 August 2023 01:24)

    After replaced all the valve seal I forgot to label each of valve lifters and mixed up all my 24 valve lifters. I do not have a proper tool to measure valve clearance so please I need your help identify the numbers written in the valve lifters and label them to each valves.

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    Rex bani (Saturday, 03 June 2023 03:24)

    Ects not reciving power...need assistance

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    Ghost (Thursday, 27 October 2022 17:59)

    I'm so sad because i have jzx101 with electrical brake and i have 54 error PHPLSwith\sensor and in book wrong information about diagnosis 54 error(

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    is there any manuals in english,cant read russian

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    Please Share MarkII JZX 90 Service Manual PDF with the English Language.

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    Is it appropriate to continue to add engine oil after a year of use instead of draining the old one?

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    Are all manuals here in Russian or some are in English