Volkswagen PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

General vehicle documentation

Information on the characteristics and settings of many models of Volkswagen / VW technical data

Automotive Glossary

Bosch Autoelectric Autoelectronic Motor-Management Dictionary: English-German-French (eng./ger./fr.)

A great dictionary for translations on auto electrics, car electronics and engine management systems.


Volumes of the filled in liquids / Fluid Capacity Chart: Jetta / Golf 1991-95; Vanagon 1991; Eurovan 1992-97; Cabrio 1985-97; Passat 1991-97; Corrado 1991-94; Fox 1991-93 (eng.) Download

Fluid Capacity Chart: Jetta / Golf 2001 (eng.) Volumes of liquid poured Golf / Jetta 2001 Download

Four cylinder diesel 1977-1983 (eng.) Tutorial on troubleshooting in old VW diesel engines. Download

Volkswagen Corrado

Corrado 1990-1994 Repair Manual

Corrado 1993 Repair Manual

Corrado SLC AAA Engine Repair Manual

Corrado electrical wiring diagram and electrical schematics

Volkswagen Caddy

Caddy 1995-2003 Service Manual

Caddy 2003 Service Repair Manual

Caddy 2004 Self-study programmer 328

Caddy 2004-2011 Workshop Manual – 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine (1 9 l Engine)

Caddy 2004-2011 Workshop Manual – Electrical Systems

Caddy 2004-2011 Workshop Manual – Wheels and Tires Guide

Caddy Specifications

Volkswagen Bora 

Bora (1998-2005) Service Manual

Bora 1997-2005 Service Repair Manual

Bora 1998-2000 Service and Repair Manual

Bora 1999 Service Manual

Bora 2001-2003 Service Manual

Bora 2006 Service Manual – Electrical Systems

Bora 2006 Service Manual

Bora 2006 Workshop Repair Manuals

Volkswagen Beetle,Kafer

Kafer 1960-1986 Repair Manuals

Kafer Repair Manuals

Electrical wiring diagram of 1971 Volkswagen Beetle and Super Beetle

Accessories For The Beetle And The Beetle Cabriolet

Beetle 1.8 Turbo (APH engine technical manual)

Beetle 1954-1979 Automotive Repair Manual

Beetle 1998-2010 Parts Manual PDF

New Beetle 1998-2008 Service & Repair Manual

New Beetle Cabriolet – Self-study programme 281

VIN Decoder – PDF

Beetle 2013 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Beetle 2014 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Beetle 2015 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Beetle 2016 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Beetle Convertible 2013 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Beetle Convertible 2014 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Beetle Convertible 2015 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Volkswagen Fox

Cross Fox Brochure PDF

Fox 2004 Maintenance Service Manual

Fox 2004 Workshop Manual – 3 – Cyl. injection engine

Fox 2004 Workshop Manual

Fox 2006 – Self-study Programmer 349

Fox, CrossFox PDF manual

Volkswagen EOS

EOS – Características Técnicas e Construtivas

EOS – Programme autodidactique 355

EOS – Programme autodidactique 379 – Sistema eléctrico

EOS – SSP – 279 – Electrical equipment

EOS 2013 PDF Owner’s Manuals

EOS 2014 PDF Owner’s Manuals

EOS 2015 PDF Owner’s Manuals

EOS 2016 PDF Owner’s Manual

Volkswagen Crafter 

Crafter 2006 Service Manual

Crafter 2006 Service Training

Crafter Programa autodidáctico 370 – Sistema eléctrico

Crafter Programa autodidáctico 506 – El Crafter 4MOTION 

Crafter Programa autodidáctico núm. 369

Volkswagen Scirocco

Scirocco 1974-1984 Service Manual

Volkswagen Scirocco 2009 Service Training VW

Volkswagen Polo

Polo 1990-1994 Service and Repair Manual VW

Polo 1994 – 1999 Service Repair Manual

Polo 1994-1999 Service and Repair Manual

Polo 1995 – 2010 Workshop Manual – Electrical System

Polo 2002 Self-Study Programme 263

Polo Self-study Programme 447

Volkswagen Polo 2010 The design of the car. Manual for the program of self-education. The new VW Polo, the fifth generation, is a new level of quality for its class. For the first time in many European countries, an electronic stability control (ESP) system and an assistant on the rise will be installed as standard. The front airbags of the driver and front passenger, in combination with combined side airbags to protect the head and torso, complement the standard equipment and provide a high level of passive safety. The introduction of new turbo diesel engines with a common rail injection system, a family of gasoline engines and a 7-speed DSG transmission gave a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption and the amount of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere.

Contents: Summary, Body, Passive safety systems, Powertrains, Transmission, Running gear, Heating and air conditioning, Electrical equipment, Radio, navigation system and telephone, Electronic equipment of comfort systems.


Volkswagen LT

LT 1975-1987 Workshop Manual

LT 1996-2003 Workshop Manual

LT 1996-2006 Workshop Manuals

LT Workshop Manuals

LT-28 All Data Workshop Manuals

Volkswagen Taro

Taro 2Y-4Y Engine Repair Manual

Taro 1989 Diesel Workshop Manual

Taro 1989 Workshop Manual

Volkswagen Sharan

Sharan –Tips and Maintenance

Sharan 1995 Service Repair Manual

Sharan 1995-2000 Multimedia Service Repair Manual

Sharan 1996 Workshop Manuals – Wheels and Tires Guide

Sharan 2011 Self-Study Program 445

Sharan 2011 Service Training VW

Sharan System Electric

Volkswagen Sharan - Download Fault Finding Program (eng.)  Block Troubleshooting schemes.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Tiguan 2007 Controls and Equipment

Tiguan 2007 Service Repair Manual

Tiguan 2008 Program autodidactique 404

Tiguan 2008 Workshop Manual – Wheels and Tires Guide

Tiguan 2014 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Tiguan 2015 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Tiguan 2016 PDF Owner’s Manuals

Volkswagen Vento

Vento 1992-1998 Service and Repair Manual

Vento Service Repair Manual

Vento 1991-1997 Multimedia Service Manual 

Volkswagen Amarok

Amarok 2011 Workshop Manual

Amarok Service Training – 6-speed transmission

Amarok Service Training – Engines

Amarok Service Training

Amarok Transmission

Amarok 2010 Body Repair Manuals PDF

Amarok 2010 Service manuals PDF

Amarok 2010 SSP 463

Amarok 2011 Workshop Manual – 4-cylinder diesel engine – 2.0 Biturbo Injection

Amarok 2011 Workshop Manual – 4-cylinder diesel engine

Amarok 2011 Workshop Manual – Brake Systems

Amarok 2011 Workshop Manual – Guide for Increasing and Decreasing Load Ratings

Amarok 2011 Workshop Manual – Heating, air condition

Amarok 2011 Workshop Manual – Running Gear, Axles, Steering

Amarok 2011 Workshop Manual – Transfer Box and Final Drive

Amarok 2012 – 8-speed automatic gearbox 0CM – Self-Study Program Technology 507

Amarok Workshop Manual – Electrical System

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