Chevrolet Malibu Workshop Manual Wiring Diagrams

The 2011-2016 Chevrolet Malibu 2.0L/2.4L/2.5L Repair and Maintenance Manual provides you with all the step by step instructions to carry out the correct and safe repair of your vehicle.


Engine repair, attachment diagram, location of sensors, removal and installation of transmission, error codes and their interpretation, diagnostics of engine, fuel system and transmission malfunctions.


The DIY owner of a Holden Malibu will find this manual an indispensable source of detailed maintenance and repair information.

Introduction Download
Maintenance and Lubrication Download
Reminder Indicator Reset Procedures Download
Commonly Used Abbreviations Download
Trouble Shooting – Basic Procedures Download

Engine Cooling Download
Engine Exhaust Download
Engine Electrical Download
Engine Overhaul Procedures Download
Mode 6 Download

Hybrid Service Disable Procedures Download
Engine Electrical- Hybrid (HP6) Download
Hybrid/EV Controls Download
Hybrid/EV Cooling Download
Hybrid/EV Energy Storage Download


Engine Mechanical 2.4L (LUK) Download
Engine Controls/Fuel – Description and Operation 2.4L (LUK) Download

Engine Mechanical – Description and Operation 2.0L (LTG) or 2.5L (LCV) Download
Engine Mechanical – Component Locator 2.0L (LTG) or 2.5L (LCV) Download
Engine Mechanical – Diagnostic Information and Procedures 2.0L (LTG) or 2.5L (LCV) Download
Engine Mechanical – Repair Off Vehicle 2.0L (LTG) or 2.5L (LCV) Download
Engine Mechanical – Repair On Vehicle 2.0L (LTG) or 2.5L (LCV) Download
Engine Mechanical – Specifications 2.0L (LTG) or 2.5L (LCV) Download
Engine Controls/Fuel – Description and Operation 2.0L (LTG) or 2.5L (LCV) Download
Engine Controls/Fuel – Schematic and Routing Diagrams 2.0L (LTG) or 2.5L (LCV) Download

Automatic Transmission – 6T70 (M7W) Download
Automatic Transmission – 6T40 (MH8, MHH) Download
Automatic Transmission – 6T70 (M7W) Description & Operation Download
Shift Lock Control Download

Power Steering Download
Steering Wheel and Column Download

Wheel Alignment Specifications Download
Wheel Alignment Download
Front Suspension Download
Rear Suspension Download
Suspension General Diagnosis Download


Tires and Wheels Download
Tire Pressure Monitoring Download

Wheel Drive Shaft Download

Antilock Brake System Download
Anti-Lock Brake System – DTC Index Download
Park Brake Download
Hydraulic Brakes Download
Disc Brakes Download

Bumpers and Fascias Download
Bolted Exterior Body Panels and Closures Download
Cellular, Entertainment, and Navigation Download
Collision Repair Download
Cruise Control Download
Data Communications Download
Displays and Gauges Download
Exterior Trim Download
Floor Coverings and Headlinings Download
Frame and Underbody Download


Fixed and Moveable Windows Download
Horns Download
Instrument Panel and Console Trim Download
Immobilizer Download

Interior Trim and Paneling Download
Remote Functions Download
Lighting Download
Theft Deterrent Download
Secondary and Configurable Customer Controls Download
Seat Hardware, Trim, and Upholstery Download
Seat Heating and Cooling Download
Sunroof Download
Mirrors Download
Object Detection Download
Paint and Coatings Download
Plastic Panel Information and Repair Download


Power Outlets Download
Power Seats Download
Programming and Setup Download
Vehicle Access Download
Wipers and Washers Download

Cabin Air Filter (Special Applications) – General Information Download
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Download
HVAC – Automatic Download
HVAC – Manual Download

Seat Belts Download
Supplemental Inflatable Restraints Download

Fuses and Relays Download
Chevrolet Malibu Owner’s Manual Download


Chevrolet Malibu 2011-2016 (2.0L/2.4L/2.5L) System Wiring Diagrams

Automatic A/C Circuit Download
Manual A/C Circuit Download
Anti-lock Brakes Circuit Download
Forced Entry Circuit, W/ Passive Keyless Entry Download
Forced Entry Circuit, W/O Passive Keyless Entry Download
Pass-Key Circuit Download
Body Control Modules Circuit Download
Computer Data Lines Circuit Download
Cooling Fan Circuit Download
Hybrid Cooling Fan Circuit Download
Cruise Control Circuit Download


Defoggers Circuit Download
Electronic Power Steering Circuit Download
2.0L VIN X, Engine Performance Circuit Download
2.4L VIN R, Engine Controls Circuit Download
2.4L VIN R, Hybrid System Circuit Download
2.5L VIN A, Engine Performance Circuit Download
Backup Lamps Circuit Download

Exterior Lamps Circuit Download
Ground Distribution Circuit Download
Headlights Circuit, W/ High Intensity Discharge Download
Headlights Circuit, W/O High Intensity Discharge Download
Horn Circuit Download
Instrument Cluster Circuit Download


Courtesy Lamps Circuit Download
Instrument Illumination Circuit Download
Memory Mirrors Circuit Download
Memory Seat Circuit Download
Lane Departure Warning Circuit Download
Navigation Circuit, W/ Amplifier Download
Navigation Circuit, W/O Amplifier Download
Parking Assistant Circuit Download
Rear View Camera Circuit Download
Power Distribution Circuit Download
Power Door Locks Circuit, W/ Passive Keyless Entry Download
Power Door Locks Circuit, W/O Passive Keyless Entry Download
Electrochromic Mirror Circuit Download
Power Mirrors Circuit Download
Driver Power Seat Circuit, 2-Way Power Seat Download
Driver Power Seat Circuit, 8-Way Power Seat Download
Driver’s Lumbar Circuit Download
Heated Seats Circuit, W/ Memory Download
Heated Seats Circuit, W/0 Memory Download


Passenger Power Seat Circuit, 2-Way Power Seat Download
Passenger Power Seat Circuit, 8-Way Power Seat Download
Passenger’s Lumbar Circuit Download

Power Top/Sunroof Circuit Download
Power Windows Circuit, W/ Express Up/Down Download
Power Windows Circuit, W/O Express Up/Down Download
Radio Circuit, W/ Amplifier Download
Radio Circuit, W/O Amplifier Download
Ignition Lock Solenoid Circuit Download
Park Brake System Circuit Download
Shift Interlock Circuit Download
Charging Circuit Download
Starting Circuit, Except Hybrid Download
Starting Circuit, Hybrid Download
Supplemental Restraints Circuit Download
2.0L VIN X, Transmission Circuit Download
2.4L VIN R, Transmission Circuit Download
2.5L VIN A, Transmission Circuit Download
Trunk Release Circuit Download
Warning Systems Circuit Download
Wiper/Washer Circuit Download


2008 Chevrolet Malibu System Wiring Diagrams Online

2008 Chevrolet Malibu System Wiring Diagrams Online Download


Chevrolet Malibu Problems, Reliability

An interesting power unit is the I-4. It has a volume of 2.5 liters and has been produced since 2013. Equipped with a turbine. At the same time, the turbocharged 2 liters produce 259 horsepower. With 352 Nm of torque, the mid-size sedan delivers truly sporty driving dynamics.
Interestingly, the I-4 is larger than the V6, which was once installed on the same Chevrolet Malibu. I-4 has not only power, but also gives good dynamics. The two-liter turbocharged engine accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds.

No less interesting is the 2.5-liter internal combustion engine, which produces 197 hp. (260 Nm). This engine has the highest torque among aspirated engines in its class. Significantly outperforms the expected 2013 Ford Fusion. Outperforms the 2012 Toyota Camry naturally aspirated engine in terms of power and torque.

Engine 8th generation 2.4l

LE9 is a power unit belonging to the GM Ecotec series. Installed mainly on crossovers. The volume of the engine is 2.4 liters. There are many versions of the engine. They differ not only in volume, but also of course in torque.
The motor has several design features. The exhaust manifold was made of cast iron, the valves are equipped with hydraulic pushers. There is a chain on the timing drive, the cylinder head is made of aluminum, 16 valves are used in the design. The cylinder block is made of aluminum foam.

LE9 due to its modernized design is quite reliable. The development engineers took into account the mistakes of previous generations, which made it possible to avoid overloads, overheating and other problems. That is why the power unit is used not only for repairing Chevrolet cars, but also for swapping cars of other brands.

The motor is one of those internal combustion engines that are able to work confidently not only on the 95th, but also on the 92nd, 91st gasoline. True, such a rule applies only on condition that the fuel does not contain impurities and belongs to the category of quality. ICE loyalty to oil is not so great. Oil should be used only that which is indicated in the manual for the vehicle.


The rest of the engine belongs to the resource. In order to move for a long time without breakdowns, it is enough to add and change oil in time, monitor the level of coolant and other liquids. Replacing the engine with a contract one, as is the case with many other engines, is often more expedient than repair. As a rule, contract motors are imported from abroad and have a considerable residual resource.

Most motorists are happy with the Chevrolet Malibu. And this applies to both owners of versions of cars with a 3.0-liter engine, and owners of cars with a 2.4-liter engine. The reliability of the power unit is emphasized, combined with an excellent level of comfort. Car owners also like the safety of the vehicle.


The designers paid special attention to the interior, for the assembly of which high-quality materials were used. At night, the elephant is illuminated by a pleasant, relaxed backlight. The instrument model is easy to read, and the controls are logically understandable. The driver’s seat is comfortably adjustable in several directions.


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