Volvo Electrical Wiring Diagram

Purpose and location of fuses Volvo XC90 II since 2014

The location of the current distribution boxes in the car with left-hand drive. In a right-hand drive car, the distribution box under the glove compartment is on the other side.

  1. Engine compartment
  2. Under the glove box
  3. Luggage compartment

When replacing the fuse, never use foreign objects and fuses that are rated for more than the rated current.

This can cause significant damage to the electrical system and even cause a fire.

Engine compartment fuses

The fuses in the engine compartment provide protection for engine and brake functions.

  • There are tongs under the hood to help you remove and put the fuse in place.
  • The junction box also has sockets for backup fuses.
  • On the inside of the cover there is a label with the location of the fuses.

Fuses 18-30, 35-37, 46-54 and 55-70 type "Micro".

Fuses 31-34, 38-45 and 71-78 type "MCase" are recommended to be replaced in the workshop

23 USB port in front of the tunnel console * 5A

24 12 V socket in front of the tunnel console 15A

25 12 V socket in the tunnel console, in the legroom of the passengers of the second row of seats 12 V socket in the tunnel console between the rear seats (Excellence); USB ports in the tunnel console between the rear seats 15A

26 12 V socket in the luggage compartment USB ports for lpad holder (Excellence) 15A

31 Heated windscreen (left side)

32 Heated windscreen (left side) 40A

33 Headlamp washers 25A

34 Windscreen washers 25A

36 Beep 20A

37 Alarm Siren 5A

38 Brake control module (valves, parking brake) 40A

39 Windscreen wipers 30A

40 rear window washer 25A

41 Heated windscreen (right side) 40A

42 Parking heater 20A

43 Brake control module (ABS pump) 40A

45 Heated windscreen (right side

46 Power is supplied when the ignition is turned on:

Engine control module;

Powertrain components;

Electric servo;

Central electronic module

Brake Control Module 5A

48 Right headlight 7.5A


51 Module to control the connection of the battery 5A

52 Shockproof pads 5A

53 Left headlight 7.5A

54 Gas pedal position sensor 5A

55 Transmission Control Module 15A

56 engine control module 5A


61 Engine Control Module; actuating mechanism; fuel control module; EGR valve (diesel); turbo position sensor (diesel); turbocharger valve (petrol) 20A

62 Solenoids (gasoline); valves; engine cooling system thermostat (gasoline); EGR cooling pump (diesel); glow control module (diesel) 10A

63 Vacuum regulators; valve 7.5A

64 spoiler blind control module; radiator blind control module 5A

65 - -

67 Lambda sensor, front; lambda probe, rear (gasoline); diesel particulate sensor (15)A

68 Engine Oil Pump Solenoid; electromagnetic clutch air conditioner; lambda probe, medium (gasoline); rear lambda sensor (diesel) 15A

69 Engine Control Module -

70 Ignition coils (petrol); Spark plugs (gasoline) 20A

71 Heated fuel filter (diesel) 15A

78 Starter 40A

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