Chevrolet Equinox 2010-2016 (2.4L/3.0L) Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams Chevrolet Equinox 2010-2016 with engines (2.4l / 3.0l). Engine and transmission connection diagrams, location of sensors, Designations on electrical equipment diagrams. engine power system. Ignition and battery charging system Electric fans for heating (air conditioning) and interior ventilation systems


Chevrolet Equinox 2010-2016 Service. Workshop Manual

Automatic A/C Circuit Download
Compressor Circuit Download
Manual A/C Circuit Download
Anti-lock Brakes Circuit Download
Forced Entry Circuit Download
Pass-Key Circuit Download
Body Control Modules Circuit Download
Computer Data Lines Circuit Download


2.4L VIN W, Cooling Fan Circuit Download
3.0L VIN Y, Cooling Fan Circuit Download
Cruise Control Circuit Download
Defoggers Circuit Download
Electronic Power Steering Circuit Download
2.4L VIN W, Engine Performance Circuit Download
3.0L VIN Y, Engine Performance Circuit Download
Backup Lamps Circuit Download
Exterior Lamps Circuit Download
Trailer Tow Circuit Download
Ground Distribution Circuit Download


Headlights Circuit Download
Horn Circuit Download
Instrument Cluster Circuit Download
Courtesy Lamps Circuit Download
Instrument Illumination Circuit Download
Driver’s Memory Seat Circuit Download
Memory Mirrors Circuit Download
Navigation Circuit Download
Parking Assistant Circuit Download
Rear View Camera Circuit Download

Power Distribution Circuit Download
Power Door Locks Circuit Download
Electrochromic Mirror Circuit, W/ Rear View Camera Download
Electrochromic Mirror Circuit, W/O Rear View Camera Download
Power Mirrors Circuit Download
Driver’s Lumbar Circuit Download
Heated Seats Circuit, W/ SPO Heated Seats Download
Heated Seats Circuit, W/O SPO Heated Seats & Memory Download
Heated Seats Circuit, W/O SPO Heated Seats W/ Memory Download


Power Seat Circuit Download
Power Top/Sunroof Circuit Download
Power Windows Circuit Download
Radio Circuit Download
Video System Circuit Download
Ignition Lock Solenoid Circuit Download
Shift Interlock Circuit Download
Charging Circuit Download
Starting Circuit Download
Supplemental Restraints Circuit Download


2.4L VIN W, A/T Circuit Download
2.4L VIN W, Rear Differential Lock Circuit Download
3.0L VIN Y, A/T Circuit Download
3.0L VIN Y, Rear Differential Lock Circuit Download
Liftgate Release Circuit Download
Power Liftgate Circuit Download
Warning Systems Circuit Download
Wiper/Washer Circuit Download


Error P0481 on the Chevrolet Equinox 2 generation 3.0 4WD appears in the event of a malfunction of the fan control relay, which is part of the second engine cooling system. This code requires close attention from the owner, which means an urgent call to the auto repair shop. Otherwise, the radiator may boil, which will lead to a stop of the car. When an alarm code 0481 occurs, the CHECK ENGINE indicator is activated.


Error P0481 on the Chevrolet Equinox 2 generation 3.0 4WD appears due to:


breakage of power circuit fuses;

failure of the fan relay or controller;

poor fastening of the pad to the fan relay;

short circuit or break in the wiring of the controller or fan relay;

weak electrical contacts of the fan relay or controller.

Never try to reset the 481 alarm code yourself. If you do not eliminate the cause of its appearance, you risk the performance of the engine.

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