Chery Exeed Service & Repair Manuals. EWD

Exeed TXL FL Car Repair and Maintenance Manual. Troubleshooting (Extraneous noises and knocks in the engine, engine vibration, engine stalls at idle, increased oil and / or fuel consumption, etc.) Transmission repair,

Wiring diagrams, Fuse and Relay Information, Overall Circuit Diagram. Error codes and their interpretation

Chery Exeed TXL FL (M32TFL) Service and Repair Manual

Introduction Download
Maintenance Download
Engine electronic control system Download
Engine mechanical Download
Intake system Download
Exhasust system Download
Ignition system Download
Emission control system Download
Cooling system Download
Lubrication system Download
Starting and charging system Download
Fuel system Download
Transmission control system Download
Transmission assembly Download
7DCT Download
Transfer case Download
Rear final drive Download
Drive shaft Download
Chassis Download
Four-wheel alignment Download
Tire and wheel Download
Tire pressure monitoring system Download
Front brake Download
Rear brake Download
Hydraulic brake Download
Electronic parking brake system Download
Suspension system Download
Electronic power steering control system Download
Steering wheel Download
Steering column module (SCM) Download
Steering gear Download
Four-wheel alignment Download
Electrical system Download
Supplemental restraint system Download
Audio/Visual system Download
Instrument cluster system Download
Driving assist system Download
Blind spot monitoring system Download
Fatigue monitoring Download
Head up display Download
Window/Sliding roof Download
Backup power supply and wireless charging system Download
Wiper and washer Download
Lighting system Download
Interior lighting system Download
CAN system Download
Horn Download
Body control system Download
Remote control system Download
Instrument panel Download
Auxiliary fascia console Download
Exterior Download
Interior Download
Seat Download
Door lock Download
Door Download
Engine hood and back door Download
Body dimensions Download
Information and repair of plastic panel Download
Paint coating Download


Chery Exeed TXL FL Wiring Diagram

Engine – Service Information Download
Introduction Download
Maintenance Download
F4J20 Engine Download
738DHA Transmission Download
Suspension System Download
Brake System Download
Steering System Download
Air Conditioning System Download
Supplemental Restraint System Download
Body Electrical Download
Body Download

Introduction Download
How to Use This Manual Download
Troubleshooting Download
Abbreviation Download
Terms and Symbols Table Download
Fuse and Relay Information Download
Power Distribution Center Download
Ground Point Download
Control Module Distribution Diagram and Terminal Definition Download
Wire Harness Position Diagram Download
System Wiring Diagrams Download
Overall Circuit Diagram Download


Exeed TXL. What did the reviews of real owners show

The hallmark of the updated Exeed TXL has become a large radiator grille. Thanks to these changes, he began to stand out in the stream. This is what the owners of the crossover notice, calling its design avant-garde. The overwhelming number of positive reviews begins precisely with its exterior. Exeed TXL has become even more charismatic. Chinese motorists note that its exterior has become more energetic, sporty and youthful.


The modification with the 1.6 engine is well known to us. In China, most owners of TXL in this version boasted an average consumption of up to 8 liters per “hundred”. One owner had a record 2.6 liters of fuel consumption on the highway with cruise control on. At the same time, most users noted that with an increase in mileage, the amount of gasoline consumed decreased. As for the TXL with a 2-liter engine, it consumes an average per liter more.


Exeed TXL was recognized as very comfortable. He is praised for his smooth and confident ride. Also, the driving experience is reinforced by a comfortable driver’s seat with lumbar support and powerful climate control. Among other things, motorists of the Celestial Empire noted the quality of sound insulation. The loudest sound that gets inside the crossover comes from the tires. All these qualities complement the TXL’s spacious interior, making it very comfortable.


Let’s say right away that only the “younger” version of Exeed TXL lacks power. It has an ACTECO family engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters. It also stands on TXL, which is relevant for our market. In China, this “four” is boosted to 197 hp. (in our country it produces a more modest 186 hp), but this power is not enough. So, when you press the gas pedal “to the floor”, acceleration occurs with a noticeable delay. From the place TXL starts also leisurely. The problem with the power of the motor is also felt on the roads. In terms of raw numbers, during tests in China, this version accelerated to 100 km / h in 9.5 seconds.

However, TXL in China also has a more powerful version with a 2-liter unit with 261 hp. and 400 Nm. And here the Exeed crossover can no longer be called slow.


Owners of the updated Exeed TXL indicated that some of its features could work better. So, the crossover does not recognize voice commands well. Because of this, the owners either have to climb into the menu themselves, or repeat their request several times. The second annoying little thing is the quality of the image from the cameras. The picture from them is fuzzy, as if blurry. Again, these shortcomings cannot be called critical, but you expect more from a premium crossover.

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