Chevrolet Corvette C7 2014-2017 Service Manual Wiring Diagrams

Here you can download repair and maintenance manual for Chevrolet Corvette C7 2014-2017, Wiring Diagrams, Diagnosis of engine and transmission faults, Overhaul. spare parts catalog, tuning manual, engine tuning, Error codes and their interpretation. The manual is divided into sections, in PDF format


Manual for changing the oil in the engine and gearbox, replacing the oil filter, fuel filter, air filter.

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Owner’s Manual Download
2014 Chevrolet Corvette Owner’s Manual Download

General Information Download
Commonly Used Abbreviations Download
Trouble Shooting – Basic Procedures Download

DTC Index Download
Reminder Indicator Reset Procedures Download
Wheel Alignment Theory & Operation Download

Maintenance and Lubrication Download


Engine Cooling System Download
Engine Exhaust System Download

Engine Overhaul Procedures Download
Engine Mechanical – 6.2L (LT1) – Specifications Download
Engine Mechanical – 6.2L (LT1) – Component Locator Download
Engine Mechanical – 6.2L (LT1) – Description and Operation Download
Engine Mechanical – 6.2L (LT1) – Diagnostic Information and Procedures Download
Engine Mechanical – 6.2L (LT1) – Repair Instructions – On Vehicle Download
Engine Mechanical – 6.2L (LT1) – Repair Instructions – Off Vehicle Download
Engine Mechanical – 6.2L (LT1) – Schematic and Routing Diagrams Download

Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.2L (LT1) – DTC Index Download
Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.2L (LT1) – Specifications Download
Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.2L (LT1) – Repair Instructions (1 of 2) Download
Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.2L (LT1) – Repair Instructions (2 of 2) Download
Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.2L (LT1) – Description and Operation Download
Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.2L (LT1) – Diagnostic Information and Procedures (1 of 3) Download


Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.2L (LT1) – Diagnostic Information and Procedures (2 of 3) Download
Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.2L (LT1) – Diagnostic Information and Procedures (3 of 3) Download
Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.2L (LT1) – Schematic and Routing Diagrams Download

Clutch Download
Shift Lock Control Download
Transmission Cooling Download
Automatic Transmission – 6L80 (MYC) – Description and Operation Download
Automatic Transmission – 6L80 (MYC) – Specifications Download
Automatic Transmission – 6L80 (MYC) – Component Locator Download
Automatic Transmission – 6L80 (MYC) – Diagnostic Information and Procedures Download
Automatic Transmission – 6L80 (MYC) – Repair Instructions – On Vehicle Download
Automatic Transmission – 6L80 (MYC) – Repair Instructions – Off Vehicle Download
Automatic Transmission – 6L80 (MYC) – Schematic and Routing Diagrams Download
Automatic Transmission – 6L80 (MYC) – DTC Index Download
Manual Transmission – Tremec 7-Speed (MEL MEP) Download


Propeller Shaft Download
Rear Drive Axle Download
Wheel Drive Shafts Download

Power Steering Download
Steering Wheel and Column Download

Hydraulic Brakes Download
Disc Brakes Download
Antilock Brake System Download
Park Brake Download

Wheel Alignment Download
Wheel Alignment Specifications Download
Front Suspension Download
Rear Suspension Download
Electronic Suspension Control Download
Suspension General Diagnosis Download
Tires and Wheels Download
Tire Pressure Monitoring Download


Exterior Body Panels and Closures Download

Bumpers and Fascias Download
Collision Repair Download
Folding Top Download
Cruise Control Download
Data Communications Download
Active Noise Cancellation Download
Air/Wind Noise Download
Cellular, Entertainment, and Navigation Download
Exterior Trim Download
Floor Coverings and Headlinings Download
Frame and Underbody Download
Horns Download
Immobilizer Download
Displays and Gauges Download
Instrument Panel and Console Trim Download


Interior Trim and Paneling Download
Remote Functions Download
Lighting Download
Secondary and Configurable Customer Controls Download
Mirrors Download
Object Detection Download
Paint and Coatings Download
Plastic Panel Information and Repair Download
Vehicle Access Download
Programming and Setup Download
Removable Top Download
Seat Hardware, Trim and Upholstery Download
Seat Heating and Cooling Download
Squeaks and Rattles Download
Theft Deterrent Download


Waterleaks Download
Fixed and Moveable Windows Download
Wipers and Washers Download

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Download
HVAC – Automatic Download
Cabin Air Filter Download

Seat Belts Download
Supplemental Inflatable Restraints Download

Wiring Systems and Power Management – Repair Instructions Download
Wiring Systems and Power Management – Component Locator Download
12 V Starting and Charging Download
Power Outlets Download
Power Seats Download
System Wiring Diagrams Download


Chevrolet Corvette C7

One of the identified features of the automotive industry is a strange, from the point of view of a European, attitude towards sports cars. The reason for this is a special road. The classic image of European roads is a mountain serpentine, the ocean is a straight line that goes beyond the horizon. If modern highways, in Europe there are a lot of narrow roads with frequent turns, often also passing through mountainous areas.

On such tracks, it is best to cover yourself with light, compact cars, and especially with technical abilities, learn how to manage and brake quality. Many of these cars, usually two-seaters, were produced not when by English, Italian and German firms for those drivers who preferred an active driving style. In the United States, the intercity road network consists mainly of long private sections and sparse turning rules, but the culture of car driving involves frequent trips over long distances. speed and requirements for the “driver’s” car: the fastest possible acceleration in a straight line and sufficient comfort for passengers, preferably at least four.


European sports cars were introduced to Americans in the post-World War II years, largely through the MG TD and the Jaguar XK120. Sales volume was small, but still a fair number of buyers liked the driving experience taken away by nimble compact roadsters. But who now remembers the name Kaiser Darrin, Nash-Healey and Cunningham? The US auto industry is primarily three mega-corporations (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler) and as long as one of them does not pay attention to a new segment, development will not be revealed.

Fortunately, the concept of a European-inspired sports car was taken up by General Motors in the person of Harley Earl, the head of the department store. In a short time, a project was developed for a two-seater convertible with a fiberglass body and an in-line six-cylinder engine.


The Chevrolet Corvette debuted at the 1953 Motorama show as a concept car, but entered showrooms a few months later. However, to the surprise of the corporation’s marketers, despite the huge number of positive reviews about the concept, Corvette sales in the early years were meager, primarily due to a weak engine. The savior of the project was the Russian immigrant Zora Arkus-Dantov, an engineer who came to GM to work specifically on the Corvette. Under his pressure, the car received the long-awaited V8 engine (in 1955), the first notable redesign later, and even exotic fuel injection in 1957. Sales have skyrocketed, thanks in large part to excellent results in auto racing: getting a powerful engine, the Corvette is really a really successful sports car.

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