BMW Motorcycle Service Workshop Manuals

BMW S Series

BMW S 1000 R La Nueva Download

Service manual and service information for BMW S1000RR iso Download

Inspection Instruction

Workshop Installation instructions

Technical data / Service dsts

Repair Manual

  • Engine
  • Cylinder head with cover
  • Oil sump
  • Housing cowr
  • Comshaft
  • Valves with springs
  • Wiring harness, engine
  • Transmission
  • Fuel pump
  • SLS System
  • Electromechanical switchgear
  • Radiator with fasteners/ Cooling system
  • Brakes
  • Electronic components
  • Instrument cluster

BMW K Series

BMW Motorrad Repair Manuals K Models K4x 2007-2008 iso Download

Inspection Instruction

Workshop Installation instructions

Technical data / Service dsts

Repair Manual

  • K 1200 GT
  • K 1200 R
  • K 1200 R Sport
  • K 1200 S
  • K 1200 GT (USA)
  • K 1200 R (USA)
  • K 1200 R Sport (USA)
  • K 1200 S (USA)

BMW R Series

BMW R nine T (1st generation, until 2016) Rider's Manual Download

BMW R nine T (2nd generation, after 2016) Rider's Manual Download

BMW R nine T Pure Rider's Manual Download

BMW R nine T Scrambler Rider's Manual Download

BMW R nine T Urban G/S Rider's Manual Download

BMW R Series Repair Manual PDF Download

  • R 1100 RT
  • R1100 RS
  • R 850/1100 GS
  • R 850/1100 R

All Manuals

BMW K100 & K75 Owners Workshop Manual Download

BMW K100 LT - K75 All 2V Models Repair Manual Download

BMW 1200GS (k25) Parts Manual Diagram Engine Download

Repair Manual BMW Motorrad After Sales R 1150 GS Download

BMW K46 S1000RR 3rd Edition Download PDF

BMW R12 R17 Ersatzteilliste Illustrated Parts List Diagram Manual 1938 Download

BMW R26 Motorcycle Electrical Wiring Diagram Schematics Download

BMW R51 R61 R66 R71 Owners Maintenance Manual German 1938 Download

BMW R51 R61 R66 R71 Service Repair Manual German 1939  Download

BMW R51 R66 R61 R71 Ersatzteilliste Illustrated Parts List Diagram Manual 1942 Download

BMW R51-2 R51-3 R67-2 R67-3 R68 Ersatzteilliste Parts List Manual Download

BMW_R1150RT owners_manual_2001 Download

BMW Maintenance  Integral ABS R 1150 RT Download

BMW Parts catalog 1948-1969 uitgave 2003 Download

BMW C1 BMW C1 200 Repair Manual Download

BMW F650 GS repair manual Download

BMW F650 CS repair manual Download

BMW K1 & K100 RS 4V Repair Manual Download

BMW K1100LT K1100RS Repair Manual Download

BMW K1100LT-RS_'99_Repair Manual Download

BMW K1200RS repair_manual Download

BMW R 1100 RT R 1100 RS R 850/1100 GS R 850/1100 R Repair Manual Download

BMW R1100S Repair Manual Download

BMW  R1150 S & EVO & R & RT Maintenance Integral ABS Service_Manual Download

BMW  R1150GS Repair Manual 2000 Download

BMW  R1150R  2005 Download

BMW  R1150R ABS - ENG Download

BMW  R1150R ABS owners manual 2001  Download

BMW  R1150RT owners manual 2001 Download

BMW  R1150RT Repair Manual 2001 Dowmload

BMW  R17 R12manual Download

BMW  R17 R12part list Download

BMW  R25 instandsetzung Download

BMW  R26 Schaltplan Download

BMW  R26 27 Repair Manual  Dowmload

BMW  R4V EngSvc115 medium Download

BMW  R4V Ignition timing medium Download

BMW  R4V Throttle Synch medium Download

BMW  R51-R61-R66-R71 Baumaster manual Download

BMW  R60 Venitleinstellung Download

BMW  R71 a manual Download

BMW  R71 b manual Download

BMW  R71 part list Download

BMW  R80GS-R100R repair manual Download

BMW  R850C R1200C - ENG Download

BMW  1200GS Parts Manual Download

BMW  C1 Repair Manual Download

BMW c1 c1-200 repair manual Download

BMW F650 GS Download

BMW F650CS Service Manual Download

BMW F650CS Repair Manual Download

BMW F650GS Repair Manual Download

BMW k100 RS K1 Download

BMW K1100L Trepeng Download

BMW K1100LT K1100RS repair manual Download

BMW K1100RT R1100RS R850.1100GS R850 1100R Download

BMW K1200LT Repair Manual Download

BMW_K1200RS Service Manual Download

BMW Repair Manual R1100 RT R1100 RS R850/1100 GS R 850/1100R Download

BMW Repair Manual R 1150 GS Download

BMW Repair Manual R1150R - 2005 Download

BMW R 1150 RT  Maintenance Integral ABS Download

BMW Repair Manual R1200  Download

BMW R17 R12 part list Download

BMW R25/2 R25/3 instandsetzung Download

BMW R26 Schaltplan Download

BMW Repair Manual R26-R27 Download

BMW Repair Manual  R51-R61-R66-R71 Download

BMW R60 Venitleinstellung Download

Motronic 2.2 Error Codes

  • R1100GS 1993 - 1999 MA2.2 ABSII
  • R1100R 1994 - 2001 MA2.2 ABSII
  • R1100RS 1993 - 2001 MA2.2 ABSII
  • R1100RT 1995 - 2001 MA2.2 ABSII
  • R850GS 1999 - 2002 MA2.2 ABSII
  • R850R 1994 - 2003 MA2.2 ABSII
  • R850RT 1998 - 2002 MA2.2 ABSII
  • K1100LT 1994 - 1999 MA2.2 ABSII
  • K1100RS 1994 - 1997 MA2.2 ABSII

0000 no further faults

1111 CO potentiometer

1122 Hall signal 1

1133 Hall signal 2

1215 Throttle Angle Sensor

1223 engine temperature sensor

1224 Air temperature sensor

2341 Oxygen sensor at the limit

2342 Oxygen sensor signal invalid

2343 Setting the mixture at the limit

2344 The oxygen sensor is shorted to ground

2345 Oxygen sensor shorted to 12V circuit

4444 fault not stored

Clear fault memory: Pull fuse 5 for a few seconds.

Note: on R1100 there is no connection of Motronic (diagnostic unit) to any bulbs, but there is for K1100.


get an analog voltmeter (digital ones are usually not fast enough so you can get wrong readings)

connect it between pin 1 of the diagnostic socket and ground (battery, chassis), turn on the ignition *

separate wire, connect the same pin 1 to ground for at least 5 seconds, then remove the wire

The voltmeter needle should rise to almost zero for about 2.5 seconds, and then rise again to almost 12 volts.

followed by a series of short dips towards zero - count the number of dips

followed by a short pause of 2.5 seconds

5 and 6 are repeated 3 times with a different number of push-ups.

now you have four accounts, this is the Motronic diagnostic code (see table below)

the entire sequence, starting with the 2.5 second dip of 4 above, repeats over and over again until prompted again (point 3)

the following error code (if any) is displayed after the request

* if the engine does not start or only turns for a short time, codes 1122 and 1133 will be displayed, this is normal!

BMW S1000RR Error Codes

Top 5 Best BMW Motorcycles

R 1200 GS


Off-road enduro with a 1170cc, flat-twin, water-cooled, 120 horsepower engine. It has been equipped with a technology that sets it apart from the competition - a unique Telelever/Paralever suspension patented by BMW. A motorcycle is characterized by the fact that it can comfortably move around the city, go on a long journey and ride on dirt roads.


There are two options that will allow you to fully utilize its capabilities: rally and adventure.


S 1000XR


If you are looking for a dynamic sports bike that is versatile and comfortable to travel, then the S 1000 XR is the perfect choice. It has a 1000cc, 160 horsepower four-cylinder stock engine, complete with a great chassis and suspension.


R nineT Scrambler


A motorcycle with a vintage appearance, which is equipped with a 1200 cc, 110 horsepower air-cooled engine. Despite the fact that the motor belongs to the previous generation, BMW has improved it for modern use. A modern classic with an unconventional design, it has its roots in the regular R NineT. On the market, you can find options with spoked wheels, an analog tachometer and an Akrapovic exhaust.


R 1200 R


The Roadster type motorcycle is one of the most successful BMW models. It combines comfort and sportiness, equipped with a 125 horsepower boxer engine, water-cooled. Thanks to the design and construction features, it can be used in the city and even on the highway.


K 1600 GT/GTL


Sitting on it, you can enjoy the scenery, knowing that the 160 horsepower 6-cylinder engine will definitely not let you down. You can choose the BMW K 1600 GT or the GTL, which is more luxurious, of course.


The bike has a standard Quick Shifter system, Telelever/Paralever suspension system, dual channel ABS system. Undoubtedly, one of its main features is electronic adjustable glass, LED combinations of xenon refractive headlights. A color screen, a four-speaker sound system, and the ability to connect two pairs of headphones complete the package.

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