GMC Service Repair Manual + Wiring Diagrams

2003-2012 GMC Savana Service and Repair Manual, Diagnostic Trouble Code Index, Engine Service Manual, Transmission Service Manual, Oil Change Intervals, Automatic Transmission Oil Change, Sensor Locations, Wiring Diagrams, Fuse Block. Engine Electrical, Engine Controls and Fuel

GMC Savana Owner’s Manual Download

GMC Savana Engine Mechanical – 4.3L Download
GMC Savana Engine Mechanical – 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L, or 7.0L Download
GMC Savana Engine Mechanical – 6.6L Download
GMC Savana Engine Controls and Fuel – 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L, or 7.0L Download
GMC Savana Engine Controls and Fuel – 4.3L Download
GMC Savana Engine Controls and Fuel – 6.6L Download
GMC Savana Engine Cooling Download
GMC Savana Engine Electrical Download

GMC Savana Automatic Transmission – 4L60-E/4L65-E/4L70-E Download
GMC Savana Shift Lock Control Download
GMC Savana Transfer Case – BW 4473-NP3 Download

GMC Savana Antilock Brake System Download
GMC Savana Disc Brakes Download
GMC Savana Hydraulic Brakes Download
GMC Savana Park Brake Download

GMC Savana Front Drive Axle Download
GMC Savana Propeller Shaft Download
GMC Savana Rear Drive Axle Download
GMC Savana Wheel Drive Shafts Download

GMC Savana Front Suspension Download
GMC Savana Rear Suspension Download
GMC Savana Tire Pressure Monitoring Download

GMC Savana Power Steering Download
GMC Savana Steering Linkage Download
GMC Savana Steering Wheel and Column Download

GMC Savana Bolted Exterior Body Panels and Closures Download
GMC Savana Bumpers and Fascias Download


GMC Savana Collision Repair Download
GMC Savana Exterior Trim Download
GMC Savana Fixed and Moveable Windows Download
GMC Savana Floor Coverings and Headlinings Download
GMC Savana Horns Download
GMC Savana Instrument Panel and Console Trim Download
GMC Savana Instrument Panel, Gages, and Console 2003-07 Download
GMC Savana Interior Trim 2003-07 Download
GMC Savana Interior Trim and Paneling Download
GMC Savana Lighting Download
GMC Savana Mirrors Download
GMC Savana Power Outlets Download
GMC Savana Power Seats Download
GMC Savana Seat Hardware, Trim, and Upholstery Download
GMC Savana Vehicle Access Download
GMC Savana Wipers and Washers Download

GMC Savana Immobilizer Download
GMC Savana Remote Functions Download
GMC Savana Seat Belts Download
GMC Savana Supplemental Inflatable Restraints Download

GMC Savana Cellular, Entertainment, and Navigation Download
GMC Savana Displays and Gages Download
GMC Savana Secondary and Configurable Customer Controls Download

GMC Savana Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Download
GMC Savana HVAC – Manual Download

GMC Savana Wiring Systems and Power Management Download
GMC Savana Antilock Brake System Download
GMC Savana Cruise Control Download
GMC Savana Defogger Download
GMC Savana Door Lock Download
GMC Savana Engine Cooling Download


GMC Savana Exterior Lights Download
GMC Savana Headlights Daytime Running Lights Download
GMC Savana Horns Download
GMC Savana Hydraulic Brake Download
GMC Savana Immobilizer Download
GMC Savana Instrument Cluster Download
GMC Savana Interior Lights Dimming Download
GMC Savana Interior Lights Download
GMC Savana Mirrors Download
GMC Savana Moveable Window Download
GMC Savana Power Outlets Download
GMC Savana Power Seat Driver Download
GMC Savana Power Seat Passenger Download
GMC Savana Release Systems Download
GMC Savana Remote Functions Download
GMC Savana Seat Belt Download
GMC Savana SIR Download
GMC Savana Starting and Charging Download
GMC Savana Wiper and Washers Download


GMC Savana 2019 Electrical Body Builder Manual

GMC Savana 2019 General Information Download
GMC Savana 2019 Body Systems Download
GMC Savana 2019 Driver Information and Entertainment Download
GMC Savana 2019 Engine/Propulsion Download
GMC Savana 2019 HVAC Download
GMC Savana 2019 Power and Signal Distribution Download
GMC Savana 2019 Safety and Security Download
GMC Savana 2019 Transmission Download

GMC Savana

The history of this model began in America and the progenitor of the modern Chevrolet Express was the G-Van 20, G-Van 30 and other buses of the American market. The General Motors concern to this day successfully produces cars of the same class, such as the GMC Savana, a great variety of EXPLORER, STARKRAFT, DEEP, WORKVEN trim levels with a high roof with a low roof, all-wheel drive and one bridge are widely represented on the market, these cars can serve as an office on wheels , and be used in work and when transporting people and can truly be considered family cars because of their large capacity and comfortable and convenient interior.


Despite the fact that the GMC Savana have proven themselves to be reliable and safe cars, like any other brand, they have weaknesses and typical malfunctions, knowing about which and properly undergoing maintenance and routine maintenance, the operation of this luxury car will not cause problems and will bring real pleasure.


Cabin filters were not installed on all CHEVROLE EXPRESS and GMC SAVANNA cars, this problem is easily solved by introducing a standard installation kit with filter elements.


The data have a large mass and a powerful engine, usually 5.3 liters, but the size of the brake disc is quite small


If you prefer an active ride and high speeds, then it is better to replace the regular brake discs and calipers with a reinforced system with six pistons and a 385 diameter brake router.

Since GMC SAVANNA vehicles, especially those with a high roof, have a large windage, we recommend installing a rear anti-roll bar with additional shock absorbers to improve comfort and safety. and also to avoid buildup.


The rear suspension is spring and since the car is heavy, the weak point is the intermediate leaf springs, which can burst if a stone or dirt gets between the sheets. It is very easy to avoid this breakdown and replace the springs; it is enough to wash the springs from dirt with a strong pressure of water with a high-pressure washer every time you wash the car. Repair and maintenance is not an easy task as it requires special diagnostic equipment, high capacity lifts and of course the experience of mechanics.


The engine and automatic transmission are very afraid of overheating, so you need to monitor the cleanliness of the radiators and prevent them from being polluted with poplar fluff and dirt. Cleaning of radiators is carried out only with a complete disassembly and dismantling of the air conditioner radiator, as well as with subsequent refueling of the air conditioner.


On cars until 2008, the weak point was the transfer case (transfer case), since the filler plug of the transfer case was slightly below the prescribed level, and when changing the oil, especially in non-core services, the mechanics did not know that the prescribed volume is filled into the transfer case not only through the filler plug, but an additional 0.8 liters is added through the speed sensor, and thus the lack of oil, when changing the oil in the transfer case, led to its complete destruction.


In 2009, they released a transfer case of a new type, which differed from the previous one only in that the filler plug of the transfer case was 3 cm higher. transfer case (transfer case) in our warehouses. Proper and timely oil change – according to technology, solves all these problems.

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