Chevrolet Equinox 2018-2022 Workshop Manual

Repair and maintenance manual for Chevrolet Equinox 2018-2022, Holden Equinox (Australia & New Zealand) GMC Terrain with 1.5L (LYX) 1.6L (LH7) Diesel 2.0L (LTG) engines.

Diagnostic trouble code index, engine service manual, transmission service manual, oil change intervals, automatic transmission oil change, sensor locations, wiring diagrams, fuse box. Engine electrical equipment, engine controls and fuel

Equinox / Terrain WM

2019 Chevrolet Equinox Owner’s Manual Download
Common Specs and Procedures Download
DTC Index Download
Emission Applications Download
Reminder Indicator (Rest Procedures) Download
Firing Order & Cylinder Identification Download
Full General information Download

Active Noise Cancellation Download
Air/Wind Noise Download
Bolted Exterior Body Panels And Closures Download
Bumpers And Fascias Download
Cellular, Entertainment, And Navigation Download
Cruise Control Download


Data Communications Download
Displays And Gauges Download
Driver Assistance Systems Download
Exterior Trim Download
Fixed And Moveable Windows Download
Floor Coverings And Headlinings Download
Frame And Underbody Download
Horns And Pedestrian Alerts Download
Image Display Cameras Download
Immobilizer Download
Instrument Panel And Console Trim Download
Interior Trim And Paneling Download
Lighting Download
Luggage Rack And Roof Trim Download

Mirrors Download
Paint And Coatings Download
Parking Assistance Systems Download
Power Outlets Download
Power Seats Download
Programming And Setup Download
Remote Functions Download
Seat Hardware, Trim, And Upholstery Download
Seat Heating And Cooling Download
Secondary And Configurable Customer Controls Download
Squeaks And Rattles Download
Sunroof Download
Theft Deterrent Download
Tire Pressure Monitoring Download
Traction Control, 4WD, & AWD Download
Vehicle Access Download


Waterleaks Download
Wipers And Washers Download

Engine Heating And Cooling Download
Engine Mechanical – 1.5L (LYX) Download
Engine Mechanical – 1.6L (LH7) Diesel Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.0L (LTG) Download
Exhaust Download
Maintenance And Lubrication Download

Engine Controls And Fuel – 1.5L (LYX) Download
Engine Controls And Fuel – 1.6L (LH7) Diesel Download
Engine Controls And Fuel – 2.0L (LTG) Download
Mode 6 Download

Automatic Transmission – 6T40 (MNH MNK) Or 6T45 (MHG) Download
Automatic Transmission – 9T45 (M3U) Or 9T50 (M3D M3H) Download
Electronic Transmission Range Select Download


Power Transfer Unit/Transfer Case – AAM Download
Shift Lock Control Download
Transmission Cooling Download

Antilock Brake System (ABS) Download
Disc Brakes Download
Hydraulic Brakes Download
Park Brake Download

Propeller Shaft Download
Rear Drive Axle Download
Wheel Drive Shafts Download

Power Steering Download
Steering Wheel And Column Download

Wheel Alignment Specifications Download
Front Suspension Download


Rear Suspension Download
Suspension General Diagnosis Download
Tires And Wheels Download
Wheel Alignment Download

Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning Download
HVAC – Automatic Download
HVAC – Manual Download

Seat Belts Download
Supplemental Restraints Download

12V Starting And Charging Download
Wiring Systems And Power Management Download

Automatic Stop/Start Disable Download
EGR Function Testing (Diesel) Download


Chevrolet Equinox III generation: review before restyled (2017-2020) and restyled version (2021)

The Chevrolet Equinox model underwent a radical upgrade in 2017: the crossover changed generation (from 2nd to 3rd). The dimensions of the SUV, the exterior, interior, technical specifications and the list of equipment have changed. And now (since 2017) the updated Equinox is ready to compete with SUVs from brands such as ToyotaHondaFord and Nissan.

In addition, with the release of third-generation cars, the sales market has expanded: if earlier the SUV was supplied only to the North American market, now it is sold in 115 countries. In the markets of many countries, “Americans” began to be preferred to such well-known Chevrolet models as Captiva and Captiva Sport.

The Chevrolet Equinox crossover has been in stable demand in the North American market since the release of the first generation. The release of the updated Equinox, judging by the radical changes, will lead the manufacturer to the same high sales as before. Moreover, it is likely that the model will be even more popular.


Description SUV 3rd generation
The third-generation Equinox crossover was produced from 2017 to 2020. The upgraded SUV has become much more compact and lighter in weight, a turbodiesel and gasoline engines of lower power have appeared in the engine lineup. Restyled in 2020. The restyled version began to look more sporty.


New engines, new platform
If earlier the Chevrolet Equinox was produced with 2.4 and 3-liter engines (182 and 255 hp), then with the advent of the third generation, a 2-liter engine is the maximum. “Aspirated” and V6 replaced the compact 1.5 and 2-liter (170 and 252 hp) supercharged engines. Gasoline consumption depends on the configuration: 6-8.4 liters per hundred. Even with a 1.5-liter engine, the car shows good acceleration (9 s). The maximum speed of a 2-liter is 225 km / h. The power units are paired with a 6- and 9-speed “automatic”. All-wheel drive is already available in the database (as well as front-wheel drive versions).

The line of power units was replenished with a turbodiesel: 1.6 l, 137 l. With. with a consumption of 5.9 liters on the highway. Diesel engines are not in demand in the North American market. Considering that the car is also delivered to other countries, the replenishment of the line was considered justified. However, in mid-2019, the release of the diesel version was canceled.

Chevrolet Equinox cars of previous generations were based on the Theta platform. But in order to comply with the latest fashion trends and reduce the size of the car, the manufacturer replaced it with a Delta (manufactured by General Motors). As a result, the weight decreased by 180 kg. The dimensions have changed significantly.



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