Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2018 Repair Manual + Wiring Diagrams

On this page you can find everything you need to repair and maintain your Camaro, fault diagnosis, error codes, wiring diagrams, engine and transmission repair

Transmision Chevrolet Camaro 2010 LT PDF Download
2018 Chevrolet Camaro Catalog Download
MY14 Camaro Ebrochure Download
2010 Chevrolet Camaro Specifications Download
2017 Chevrolet Camaro Owners Manual Download
Chevrolet 2015 Full Performance Parts Catalog Download
2014 Chevrolet Performance Catalog ZZ5 & ZZ383 Download
2010 Camaro Complete Ordering Guide Download

2010-2011 Chevrolet Camaro Repair Manual + Wiring Diagrams

Common Specs & Procedures Download
DTC lndex (Trouble Codes) Download
Electrical Component Locations Download
Wiring Diagrams Download
Body & Frame Download
Brakes Download
Driveline & Axles Download


Electrical Download
Engine Download
Engine Performance Download
General Information Download
HVAC Download
Lighting Download
Restraints Download
Steering Download
Suspension Download
Transmission Download


Chevrolet Camaro 2016-2018 Service Manual incl. Wiring Diagrams

Owner’s manual Download
Dangers, warnings, and cautions Download
General information Download
Vehicle diagnostic information Download
Vibration diagnosis and correction Download

Active noise cancellation system Download
Cellular system, entertainment system, and navigation system Download
Cruise control system Download
Data communication system Download
Horn system Download
Instrument panel system displays and gauges Download
Lighting system Download
Object detection and pedestrian protection system Download


Programming and setup – all systems Download
Secondary and configurable customer control system Download
Steering wheel and steering column Download
Tire pressure monitoring system Download
Wiper system and washer system Download

Air & wind noise Download
Bolted exterior body panels and closures Download
Bumpers and fascias Download
Collision repair Download
Exterior trim Download
Fixed and moveable window system Download
Floor coverings and headlinings Download
Frame and underbody Download
Immobilizer system Download


Instrument panel trim and console trim Download
Interior trim and interior paneling Download
Keyless entry system and remote functions Download
Mirror system Download
Paint and coatings Download
Plastic panel information and repair Download
Power door lock system and release systems Download
Power seat system Download
Seat hardware, seat trim, and upholstery Download
Seat heating system and seat cooling system Download
Squeaks and rattles Download
Sunroof system Download
Theft deterrent system Download
Waterleaks Download


Wiring systems and power management – repair instructions Download

Antilock brake system Download
Disc brake system Download
Hydraulic brake system Download
Parking brake system Download

Propeller shaft Download
Rear drive axle Download
Wheel drive shafts Download

Battery, charging system and starting system Download
Power outlets Download
Wiring systems and power management Download


Chevrolet Camaro Engine Repair Manuals

Engine cooling system Download
Engine exhaust system Download
Engine mechanical – 2.0L (LTG) Download
Engine mechanical – 3.6L (LGX) Download
Engine mechanical – 6.2L (LT1) Download
Maintenance and lubrication Download


Emission applications Download
Emission control abbreviations Download
Engine controls and fuel – 2.0L (LTG) Download
Engine controls and fuel – 3.6L (LGX) Download
Engine controls and fuel – 6.2L (LT1) Download
State emission standards – diesel Download
State emission standards – gas Download

HVAC system – automatic Download
Maintenance reminder light (reset procedures) Download
Seat belt system Download
Supplemental inflatable restraint system Download
Power steering system Download


Steering wheel and steering column Download
Front suspension system Download
Rear suspension system Download
Suspension control system – suspension damping Download
Suspension system general diagnosis Download
Tires and wheels Download
Wheel alignment system Download
Automatic transmission – 8L45 (M5T) or 8L90 (M5U) Download
Automatic transmission cooling system Download
Manual transmission – Tremec 6-speed (MM6 M13) Download
Manual transmission clutch Download
Shift lock control system Download


System Wiring Diagrams

Camaro 2016-2018 Active bodyworks Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Air conditioning Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Anti-lock brakes – 2.0L Vin X Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Anti-lock brakes – 3.6L Vin S Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Anti-lock brakes – 6.2L Vin 7 Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Anti-theft Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Body control modules Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Computer data lines Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Cooling fan Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Cruise control Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Defoggers Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Electronic muffler Download


Camaro 2016-2018 Electronic power steering Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Electronic suspension Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Engine performance – 2.0L Vin X Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Engine performance – 3.6L Vin S Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Engine performance – 6.2L Vin 7 Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Exterior lights Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Ground distribution Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Headlights Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Horn Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Instrument cluster Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Interior lights Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Memory systems Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Navigation Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Power distribution Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Power door locks Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Power mirrors Download


Camaro 2016-2018 Power seats Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Power top/sunroof Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Power windows Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Radio Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Shift interlock Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Starting/charging Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Supplemental restraints Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Transmission Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Trunk, tailgate, fuel door Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Warning systems Download
Camaro 2016-2018 Wiper/washer Download


Chevrolet Camaro 2.0

While you’re on the move, the Camaro displays gauges for engine oil pressure, oil temperature, and transmission fluid warm-up. An accelerometer can be displayed on the on-board computer display … However, under the hood is not a V8 or even a V6, but a two-liter “turbo-four”, which is also derated from 279 hp. up to 238. However, the maximum moment is unchanged – 400 N•m.


Traction is only slightly more than that of the Audi A5 2.0 TFSI coupe (249 hp and 370 N•m) and the BMW 430i (249 hp and 350 Nm). Passport acceleration time to 100 km / h differs by one tenth of a second: 5.8 s for the “Germans” versus 5.9 s for the Camaro. Of course, it doesn’t darken in the eyes from shock loads, but in the city and on a suburban highway you feel confident. The booming dual-stream exhaust, punctuated by an audio system with active noise cancellation, also has a psychological impact.


Camaro is inferior to Europeans in the convenience of traction control. The engine gets out of the turbo lag only at 3000 rpm, the accelerator is damped, the eight-speed “automatic” is scattered and lost under alternating loads, although it is able to jump down several gears at once. As a result, the car simply does not keep up with the movement of the gas pedal. Reactions are aggravated when changing from Tour to Sport mode, but the overall impressiveness of the power unit remains as an integral character trait.


The new Camaro is lighter than its predecessor, the body is stiffer than before, the center of gravity is lower, and the suspension has been upgraded. And if the car of the fifth generation was rude and uncouth, this one rides more accurately and more collected. Heels moderately, stands securely on a gentle arc and keeps a high-speed straight line. However, this is not even the level of European hot hatches. The suspension feels flabby, and a poorly tuned electric power steering generates roughly the same amount of force whether you’re crawling through a parking lot or wearing down tires in a slip.


In terms of stiffness, the Camaro will give odds to all GM cars that have remained on our market. Neither the Cadillac Escalade nor the CTS are cat-walkers, but Chevrolet outdid them. Even on a flat road, he finds flaws, shuddering to the beat. It works even worse for medium and large pits, transmitting vibrations to the cabin. The front suspension, in addition, lacks energy intensity. The owner should look for better shock absorbers, as buyers of Mustangs do, and at the same time change the factory-recommended Run Flat tires to regular ones.


The coupe slows down decently: you only change the force on the brake pedal with a short free play. Four-piston Brembo calipers at the front and floating calipers at the rear don’t give up even under frequent heavy braking. For a surcharge, more powerful mechanisms are offered (six pistons in front and four in the back). We have enough staff on the track – by the summer, the ADM Raceway circuit will appear in a reconstructed form with a new tenacious asphalt canvas, and now there is ice powdered with snow.


On the road studded Pirelli Ice Zero tires, the speed is low, the rough steering and powertrain settings do not interfere with the pleasure of sliding. A self-block would be useful, but, alas, in Russia it is not even optional … It is hardly worth ordering some track accessories for a car with such an engine and chassis. This pony car is not for the ring, but for moving every day.

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