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SYM Symphony SR 50


What is usually a problem for a scooter? That's right, microscopic wheels of 10-12 inches, which really do not like road bumps. Well, then the Symphony SR scooter will definitely not disappoint you then - wheels for 16-inch tires will make trips noticeably more comfortable.


The scooter itself looks quite "adult" - the unification with the 125-cc model affects. True, the weight is inherited from it, as well as plus and minus - of course, it’s hard to write out a “snake” on a 100-kilogram scooter, and the lack of dynamics in comparison with lighter scooters can be felt, but, as Boris Razor said: “ heaviness is reliability. The sturdy frame of the Symphony SR 50 looks much more convincing than the flimsy designs of all kinds of "racers" and their ilk.


The brakes are not bad either: the front petal brake disc with a diameter of 226 mm is equipped with a two-piston caliper, the rear (of the same diameter) is single-piston. There are two rear shock absorbers, which is more reliable and reduces the "baptism" of the rear axle when the silent blocks are worn. Front - traditional telescopic fork. The suspension, it should be noted, is harsh “since new” - the calculation is clearly made for a full-fledged two-seater model of a larger cubic capacity, and not for a “fifty kopeck”, which, according to our traffic rules, cannot carry passengers anyway.


The plastic is noticeably better than what is customary for cheap Chinese technology: of course, this is not a real enduro body kit that calmly survives flights and coups, but it also does not scatter all over the road from falling off the footboard. Not bad and analog-digital "tidy" - readable and informative enough, without outright kitsch.


I would also like to see the gas tank neck not under the saddle - who at least once had to spill gasoline when refueling into the luggage space will understand what we are talking about.

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