BMW ISTA-P. Installation and setup

BMW ISTA-P is a complex for programming and updating car blocks. In order to learn how to do this, you need one of the adapters: INPA K+DCAN, ENET, OMNITECOPS, ICOM or ICOM A2.


Attention! All ongoing operations MAY result in the death of the control unit (ECU). All programming is carried out at your own risk, and the site administration does not bear any responsibility for your actions.


Download ISTA-P

4.20.31 / SDP-BLP 4.20.30 / ISTA-P / 2019 .torrent Download
4.20.12 / SDP-BLP 4.20.11 / ISTA-P / 2019 .torrent 
4.18.32 / SDP-BLP 4.18.33 / ISTA-P / 2019 .torrent 

To download exactly ISTA-P, select these folders and files when downloading the distribution:

SDP and BLP are needed if you have ICOM

Installing ISTA-P

In order for the program to work properly, it is necessary to install software distributions similar to the Rheingold installation. If you are installing them for the first time, then follow this link and install from EDIABAS to Net Framework (before unpacking).


After installing the programs, unzip the ISTA-P ***.7z archive using the latest version of 7-Zip to the destination folder, for example, to F:\BMW\ISTA-P


Loader Installation

Go to the F:\BMW\Tools\ISTA-P Loader folder and you will see several installation files (if provided by the distribution). Before downloading the torrent file, there is information about loaders (for example, in version ISTA-P “There are 2 loaders in the distribution, version 6.4 is only for ICOM, without emulators”). Therefore, if you do not have ICOM, then you will need to run another version, for example 6.1 (or another one that is in the folder).


Copy the BMW ISTA-P Loader.exe and Activation Key.txt files to the C:\Program Files\ISTA-P Loader 6.1 folder (you can name the destination folder whatever you like):


Run BMW ISTA-P Loader.exe. Enter the code from the Activation Key.txt file, then click the Continue button:

In the window that appears, select Manual Search:

Select the folder F:\BMW\ISTA-P by clicking on it, then click OK:


Select the appropriate language, screen resolution, check the Expert Mode box and click SAVE:


Next, you will see a notification that ISTA-P has problems with text scaling. On Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, the zoom is set to 125%, which prevents some elements from being visible. If it interferes with work, set the font size to 100% in the system. Don’t forget to check the Always ignore this message box and click Continue:

Enter any values in the fields, or click the Autofill button, then continue by clicking on Save:

If you have an E-NET cable, click on the corresponding picture, and enter the IP address to connect to the car:

Now ISTA-P will automatically connect to your car, and after that you can do any manipulations (at your own peril and risk).


You need to launch through C:\Program Files\ISTA-P Loader 6.1\BMW ISTA-P Loader.exe. For convenience, create a shortcut on the desktop by right-clicking on the file and selecting Send → Desktop (create shortcut).

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