xHP Flash tool. ZF automatic transmission firmware

Automatic transmission, like the engine, can be flashed. There are several types of box firmware: the 2TB option (we’ll talk about it later) and the full xHP firmware. Really flashing the automatic transmission with xHP, since 2TB is just an option, like the option for a smoker (cigarette lighter), and you will not achieve significant changes in the operation of the automatic transmission.


Along with xHP, there are Alpina firmware, as well as “custom” firmware from various craftsmen known in their circles. By the way, the developers of xHP Flashtool created the xDelete program to disable all-wheel drive, with which you can just as easily customize your driving style.


Technologies do not stand still, and now you do not need to go to a specialized specialized service to flash automatic transmissions. It is enough to have a program on your phone and a cable with an adapter. By the way, in order to simply and quickly make an engine chip, it is enough to buy an MHD Tuning license and “roll” the firmware.

An example of using ENET + OTG for Android
An example of using ENET + OTG for Android

An illustrative example of firmware on the E92 335i:

Checking your car’s support


xHP Flashtool supports a large number of BMW models from different years, but to make sure that your automatic transmission can be tuned accurately, go to the official website and select your car model at the very bottom. Click the Search Maps button and you will see the supported maps. At the top, the first line of the Typecode contains the part of the VIN (from 4 to 7 characters, for example WBAFU71**********) that xHP supports:

If you find part of the VIN code in the list, the automatic transmission can be flashed. There are also several more ways to check with a description of the available features. To do this, download the application (links at the bottom of the page) and register in it. Select the Support Check item from the menu, and 3 options will be available:

You can connect to the car by clicking Connect & Check, enter the characters from the VIN number by clicking Check Typecode, or, as on the site, select your model. Let’s check the VIN number. After clicking, you need to select your automatic transmission (6/7/8-speed):


Enter part of the VIN number (in our case FU71):

If you see the description and maps (Stage), it means that your machine is supported by xHP. By selecting the desired Stage, you can read a detailed description

Types of xHP licenses


As in the situation with MHD Tuning, to start the firmware you need to first buy the program itself, and then buy what you will be flashing.


Cost: $178.99 for 6/8-speed automatic, $238.99 for DCT


Map Pack

It is a package of Stage 1/2/3 cards (assembly, not separately, as in MHD).


Cost: $83.99 for 6-speed automatic, $178.99 for 8-speed automatic, $238.99 for DCT


Stage 1

Disables torque limits in 3rd and 6th gear

Turns on the display of the program number in D mode

Stage 2

Stage 1 Features

The ability to change the speed for shifting gears

Increased shift speed

Regassing in M and Sport modes

Faster switching in DTC and DSC OFF modes

Disabled automatic upshift in M/Sport and M/Sport+

Stage 3

Stage 2 Features

Faster and tighter shifting compared to Stage 2

Faster downshifts across multiple gears

You can change additional options


Stage 3 Options

On Stage 3, you can additionally change the launch control parameters, move the gearshift points, set the torque limits for each gear. The list of options is constantly updated, and for each automatic transmission it may differ, so you need to look in the application itself.


It is a reasonable question about the reliability and “safety” of the automatic transmission, how tuning affects the condition of the box. To a greater extent, reliability depends on the maintenance of the automatic transmission (oil change) and the load on it (starts from traffic lights, engine chip tuning, etc.). Killing a box without a chip is as easy as shelling pears, but any change in the standard operation algorithms, coupled with an increased “non-standard” load, will bring the repair closer, but how much is a matter of time and the condition of the automatic transmission itself.



xHP is an excellent program for tuning your ZF automatic transmission, which has been tested on more than one thousand cars. Spending ~26 thousand rubles ($358) for a 6/8-speed automatic transmission, you get a flexible fine-tuning system that can be reconfigured at any time. Also in Russia there are dealers who will make tuning cheaper in general by 10 thousand, but you will not have the opportunity to tune your automatic transmission at any time the way you want. Therefore, before tuning, you need to decide whether it is cheaper or more functional, as well as read the posts of those who have already tuned the box.

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