Toyota Corolla Service Repair Manuals

On this page you will find links to various technical manuals and manuals for Toyota cars.

You will also find a Toyota spare parts catalog and video tutorials on service, car features.

Toyota (Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Jidosha KK), a Japanese automotive company that is part of the financial and industrial group Toyota. One of the largest car companies in the world. It manufactures its products under various brands, including Daihatsu. The headquarters is located in the city of Toyota (Toyota).

The beginning of Toyota’s history can be considered the year 1933, when Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, a company that initially had no relation to automobiles and was engaged in the textile industry, opened an automobile department. He was opened by his eldest son of the owner of the company Sakichi Toyoda, Kiichiro Toyoda, who later also brought the car brand Toyota to world fame.

  • New car features (NCF)
  • Repair Instructions (RM)
  • Wiring Diagram (EWD)
  • Body Repair Manual (BRM)
  • Service Specification (SDS)

Toyota Corolla repair manual contains information on the following components: engine, automatic transmission, manual transmission, brake system, ignition, suspension, fuel supply system, electrical equipment and electrical circuits, body repair, etc. Also included in the book is the standard manual.

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