Mitsubishi L200 Service & Repair manuals

The manual provides a step-by-step description of procedures for the operation, repair and maintenance of all-wheel drive Mitsubishi L200 cars equipped with a 4D56 diesel engine (2.5 liters DI-D).


The publication contains operating instructions, detailed information on car maintenance, diagnostics, repair and adjustment of engine system elements (including Common Rail engine management system, starting and charging), mechanical (manual transmission) and automatic (automatic transmission) gearbox elements , transfer case (including four-wheel drive control systems (Easy Select 4WD and Super Select 4WD)), front and rear gearboxes (including the rear differential lock system), brake system components (including anti-lock brakes call (ABS), active directional stability and active traction control (ASTC)), steering, suspension, body parts, air conditioning systems and ventilation.


Provides instructions for the diagnosis of 11 electronic systems: engine management, automatic transmission, ABS, ASTC, SRS, air conditioning, immobilizer, steering column switch, electric window lifters, electric rear window and multi-function display.


A detailed description of 312 trouble codes P0, P1, P2, C1, B1, U1; possible causes of their occurrence.


There are connectors and procedures for testing signals at the terminals of control units of various systems - PinData.


125 electrical circuits (67 systems) are presented for various configuration options (including differences for models from 2010), description of most of the elements of electrical equipment.

Mitsubishi L200 1997-1999 Service Manual

Mitsubishi L200 1997-1999 Workshop Manual

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Service Manual

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 PDF Service Manual

Mitsubishi L200 2011 Owners Manual

Mitsubishi L200 2012 Workshop Manual

Mitsubishi L200 Workshop Manual

Mitsubishi L200 Body Repair Manual, MY 1997

Mitsubishi L200 Service Manual CD, EUR MY 2007

MitsubishiL200 Workshop Manual, MY 2012

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Engine 4G6

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Engine 4D5

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Engine Lubrication

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Multipoint Fuel Injection (MPI)

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Diesel Fuel

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Fuel Supply

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Diesel Fuel 4D5-Step III

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Engine Cooling

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Intake and Exhaust

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Engine and Emission Control

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Clutch

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Automatic Transmission

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Propeller Shaft

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Front Axle 

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Rear Axle

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Wheel and Tire

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Power Plant Mount

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Front Suspension

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Rear Suspension

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Basic Brake System

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Anti-skid Braking System (ABS) 2WD

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Anti-skid Braking System (ABS) 4WD

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Parking Brakes 

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Steering

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Body 

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Exterior 

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Chassis Electrical

Mitsubishi L200 Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Mitsubishi L200 Electrical Wiring Diagram

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002 Electrical Wiring Diagrams 

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2002  Engine Electrical 

Mitsubishi L200 1997-2004 Electrical Wiring and Supplements

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