Chery QQ / Kimo Repair Service Manual. Wiring Diagrams

Repair manual for cars Chery QQ S11 LHD, S12 LHD, S21 LHD. Repair and troubleshooting (Extraneous noises and knocks in the engine, engine vibration, engine stalls at idle, increased oil and / or fuel consumption, etc.) Replacement of faulty parts, Transmission repair, Wiring diagrams, Fuse and Relay Information, Overall Circuit Diagram . Error codes and their interpretation


Chery QQ / S11 LHD Repair Service Manual

Transmission Service Manual Part 1 Download
Transmission Service Manual Part 2 Download
Transmission Service Manual Part 3 Download
Transmission Service Manual Part 4 Download
Transmission Service Manual Part 5 Download
Transmission Service Manual Part 6 Download

Chassis Chapter 1 Download
Chassis Chapter 2 Download
Chassis Chapter 3 Download
Chassis Chapter 4 Download

Start System Download
Charging System Download
Car Body Equipment Download
BCM Computer Control system Download
Air conditioning Download
Air Bag Download
Engine Hood and Luggage Compartment Download
Door Download
Windshield Download
Expanation of entire vehicle circuitry Download
Vehicle Wire Harness Download
Sheet metal Download

Service Manual Mechanical Part Download
AS-T-T021 S11 Brake System Download
TB- A0037 QQ (1.1L) Ignition Timing Adjustment Download
TB-T0032 Bulletin about QQ AMT Vehicle Transmission Clutch Self-detection Download
TB-T0051 Technical Bulletin about Fault of S11%20AMT Clutch Position Sensor Download


Chery Kimo / S12 LHD Repair Service Manual

Maintenance Manual ABS Download
Maintenance Manual of Chery A113 Body Accessories Download
Maintenance Manual of Chery A113 Chassis Download
Maintenance Manual of Chery A113 Circuit Diagram Download
Service Manual for Chery QQ6 – QR513 Transmission Case Download
Service Manual for Chery QQ6 – SQR473F Engine Mechanical Download
Service Manual for Chery QQ6 – UMC EFI for 473F Engine Download


Chery S21 LHD Repair Service Manual

Service Manual For CHERY QQ6 Body Accessories and Dimensions Download
Service Manual For CHERY QQ6 Chassis Download
Service Manual for Chery QQ6 Electrical, Circuit Download
Service Manual For CHERY QQ6 Maintenance And Care Download
Service Manual for Chery QQ6 – QR513 Transmission Case Download
Service Manual for Chery QQ6 – SQR473F Engine Mechanical Download
Service Manual for Chery QQ6 – UMC EFI for 473F Engine Download


Chery QQ Weaknesses

Most hatchbacks are equipped with a 1.1 liter engine, a 0.8 liter unit is extremely rare. This was the policy of the domestic importer in relation to competition with the Daewoo Matiz, which was sold more massively with a smaller engine, and only an “automatic” was paired with it.


Serious malfunctions in the cuckoo motors were not identified. A typical problem is a clogged valve-divider of the crankcase ventilation system. It manifests itself in an increase in lubricant consumption and increased smoke, as well as pops in the air filter. But this does not mean at all that the engine resource has been exhausted and the time has come for the “capital”. The clogged valve needs to be cleaned. Experts advise to carry out this procedure every 20-30 thousand km. In addition, generator failure is possible.


The low quality of threaded connections was noted – the thread on the plug of the drain hole of the oil pan was often torn off. But the main drawback is the low quality of spare parts, especially motor ones. Masters are advised to purchase branded parts imported by the official importer of this Chinese brand.


The timing of all units requires frequent maintenance: the belt together with the rollers must be changed every 40 thousand km. At the same time, it is necessary to update the belt and the idler pulley of the attachment.


An important advantage of small-capacity cuckoo engines is efficiency. In a combined cycle with “mechanics”, the fuel consumption of a 1.1 liter unit, according to the manufacturer, is only 4.6 liters! And the dynamics is weak – 18.5 s to “hundreds”.


Many QQs are equipped with manual transmissions. Less common is a robotic gearbox. Domestic experts advise purchasing versions with “mechanics”. It serves well, rare breakdowns include the failure of the main gear of the differential – the bolts of its fastening are unscrewed, which break the clutch housing housing. “Robot” is more problematic. Periodically, it is necessary to adjust the clutch in it (using a special dealer scanner that reprograms the “brains” of the ECU). The need for this will be indicated by tangible jerks when shifting gears. The failure of the clutch engagement sensor or its hydraulic actuator was noted.


Both units require an oil change every 30–40 thousand km.


Shock absorbers and bushings of the front stabilizer can become unusable already by 20-30 thousand km, ball bearings of the front levers – by 30-40 thousand km, and their silent blocks – by 50-60 thousand km. To increase reliability, some owners use non-original shock absorbers. At the same time, the QQ rear dependent suspension is much more durable – the mechanics could not remember the cases of replacing the “elastic bands”.


There are comments on the steering, which on the basic versions is the usual mechanical one, and on the more expensive ones – with a hydraulic booster. In all cars, the rail bushings break over time (accompanied by a knock when driving through bumps), and with the power steering, the rail oil seals leak. In addition, the steering rods are made non-removable, and if they fail, you have to change the steering assembly. Tie rod ends are also short-lived – on average, about 30 thousand km go.


The front caliper guides need regular lubrication. If this is not done, they begin to wedge, which contributes to accelerated wear of the pads. Caliper pistons are also subject to corrosion.

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