Chevrolet Sonic / Aveo 2012-2020 Workshop Service Repair Manual

Chevrolet Sonic / Aveo (Hatchback, Sedan) Repair and maintenance manual. Repair of Engines 1.4l, 1.8l, (LUW, LWE) Transmissions, suspensions, Diagnostics and troubleshooting, Error codes and their interpretation. System Wiring Diagrams PDF Free Download

2011-2012 Aveo Sonic Captiva Cruze Orlando Spark Volt Offline ESM

  • Chevrolet Aveo/Sonic 2011-2012
  • Chevrolet Captiva (C100 & C140) 2011
  • Chevrolet Cruze 2011-2012
  • Chevrolet Orlando 2011-2012
  • Chevrolet Spark (M300) 2011
  • Chevrolet Volt 2012

2011-2012 Aveo Sonic Captiva Cruze Orlando Spark Volt Offline ESM Download

Chevrolet Sonic 2013-2020 Workshop Service Repair Manual

Chevrolet Sonic Introduction Download
Chevrolet Sonic Air/Wind Noise Download
Chevrolet Sonic Maintenance and Lubrication Download
Chevrolet Sonic Squeaks and Rattles Download
Chevrolet Sonic Vibration Diagnosis and Correction Download
Chevrolet Sonic Waterleaks Download
Chevrolet Sonic Exterior Trim Download
Chevrolet Sonic Floor Coverings and Headlinings Download


Chevrolet Sonic Instrument Panel and Console Trim Download
Chevrolet Sonic Interior Trim and Paneling Download
Chevrolet Sonic Bolted Exterior Body Panels and Closures Download
Chevrolet Sonic Bumpers and Fascias Download
Chevrolet Sonic Collision Repair Download
Chevrolet Sonic Frame and Underbody Download
Chevrolet Sonic Paint and Coatings Download
Chevrolet Sonic Plastic Panel Information and Repair Download
Chevrolet Sonic Fixed and Moveable Windows Download
Chevrolet Sonic Horns Download


Chevrolet Sonic Lighting Download
Chevrolet Sonic Mirrors Download
Chevrolet Sonic Vehicle Access Download
Chevrolet Sonic Wipers and Washers Download
Chevrolet Sonic Antilock Brake System Download
Chevrolet Sonic Disc Brakes Download
Chevrolet Sonic Drum Brakes Download
Chevrolet Sonic Hydraulic Brakes Download
Chevrolet Sonic Park Brake Download
Chevrolet Sonic Programming and Setup Download
Chevrolet Sonic Vehicle Diagnostic Information Download
Chevrolet Sonic Wheel Drive Shafts Download

Chevrolet Sonic Cellular, Entertainment, and Navigation Download


Chevrolet Sonic Displays and Gauges Download
Chevrolet Sonic Secondary and Configurable Customer Controls Download
Chevrolet Sonic Cruise Control Download
Chevrolet Sonic Engine Controls/Fuel – 1.4L (LUV) Download
Chevrolet Sonic Engine Controls/Fuel – 1.8L (LUW, LWE) Download
Chevrolet Sonic Engine Cooling Download
Chevrolet Sonic Engine Electrical Download
Chevrolet Sonic Engine Exhaust Download
Chevrolet Sonic Engine Mechanical – 1.4L (LUV) Download
Chevrolet Sonic Engine Mechanical – 1.8L (LUW, LWE) Download
Chevrolet Sonic Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Download
Chevrolet Sonic HVAC – Manual Download
Chevrolet Sonic Data Communications Download


Chevrolet Sonic Power Outlets Download
Chevrolet Sonic Wiring Systems and Power Management Download
Chevrolet Sonic Sunroof Download
Chevrolet Sonic Immobilizer Download
Chevrolet Sonic Remote Functions Download
Chevrolet Sonic Seat Belts Download
Chevrolet Sonic Supplemental Inflatable Restraints Download
Chevrolet Sonic Theft Deterrent Download
Chevrolet Sonic Seat Hardware, Trim, and Upholstery Download
Chevrolet Sonic Seat Heating and Cooling Download
Chevrolet Sonic Power Steering Download
Chevrolet Sonic Steering Wheel and Column Download


Chevrolet Sonic Front Suspension Download
Chevrolet Sonic Rear Suspension Download
Chevrolet Sonic Suspension General Diagnosis Download
Chevrolet Sonic Tire Pressure Monitoring Download
Chevrolet Sonic Tires and Wheels Download
Chevrolet Sonic Wheel Alignment Download
Chevrolet Sonic Automatic Transmission – 6T30/6T40/6T45/6T50 (MH8, MH9) Download
Chevrolet Sonic Clutch Download
Chevrolet Sonic Manual Transmission – F13-5/F15-5/F17-5 (M26) Download
Chevrolet Sonic Manual Transmission – M20/M32 (MR5, MZ4) Download
Chevrolet Sonic Shift Lock Control Download
Chevrolet Sonic 2013 Chevrolet Sonic Owner’s Manual Download


Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic (Hatchback, Sedan) 2012 Body Repair Manual

Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic PREFACE Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic GENERAL INFORMATION Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic BODY HARDWARE AND TRIM Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic BODY REPAIR Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic BODY SYSTEMS Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic ROOF Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic SEAT BELTS Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic SEATS Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic RESTRAINTS Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic STEERING Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic SUSPENSION Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic HVAC SYSTEM Download
Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic SUPPLEMENT Download

Generally speaking, we did not find any contraindications to the second generation Chevrolet Aveo. The car is liquid, the cost of maintenance is small at the present time. Plus, he’s also a sweetheart at times.


Strengths of the car: Reliability of the engine and automatic transmission. Original and comfortable salon. The price and residual value of the car. Cheap spare parts


Weaknesses of the car: Reliability of the manual transmission. Suspension. dynamics and controllability. Fuel consumption



A simple design could not provide adequate reliability. In front, the ball bearings of the levers, which are fastened with two bolts, quickly develop a resource. Silent blocks can also be replaced. But if all these elements are worn out, then it is worth changing the entire lever, which will cost the Aveo owner about $ 100.



In general, the 6T30 automatic transmission is reliable. However, whims were also noticed behind her when the transmissions were switched on with delays. In such cases, changing the oil sometimes helped. Another recipe is flashing the control unit. The disadvantage of the version with automatic transmission is increased fuel consumption. In the urban cycle, it can reach up to 14 l / 100 km.



Numerous reviews from Aveo owners speak of poor cabin sound insulation. The problem was solved for additional money. Over time, squeaks appear in the cabin. There is a lot of painted plastic in the finish, which is very resistant to scratches. For everything else, including design, you can put a plus.



In the range of 30–60 thousand kilometers, there are problems with the thermostat. Either it breaks itself, or its temperature sensor fails. There was a “squeezing out” of the oil pressure sensor and failure of the ignition module. If oil leakage can be determined visually, then ignition problems are manifested by engine tripping.



There are not so many electrical problems. However, at high mileage, failures of attachments were noted: air conditioning compressor, starter. On runs of less than 100 thousand km, it is quite possible that the seat heating or mirror heating burns out, the power windows fail. The problem lies in the rotten wiring.

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